Friday, 8 September 2017

Taylor Swift: Modern Country Fashion

With Taylor Swift's new song out in the UK, I thought it was about time to share a post that I actually put together a while ago and stumbled upon this week, celebrating her sense of fashion and style! Although some of Taylor Swift's fashion choices aren't exactly my cup of tea, there is a whole array of gorgeous outfits to choose from that fall firmly into the category of Modern Country fashion!

Take a look....

Taylor Swift Modern Country Fashion

 Taylor Swift Modern Country Fashion

 Taylor Swift Fashion Modern Country

Taylor Swift Fashion

In fact, the thought has just struck me that Taylor Swift could totally be described as a Modern Country singer, couldn't she? {Is that already a thing that I've totally missed out on?!} so I guess it makes complete sense that her fashion choices fall so firmly into the Modern Country Fashion slot!

Taylor Swift Style.

Taylor Swift's hair cut is between a baby bob and a lob,

Taylor Swift hair and make up

Modern Country make up! Taylor Swift

I'm loving the bold red lip. And what a perfect look for autumn, when stronger shades of berry tones start to call my name! Whether it's boho country, or a more contemporary edge, Taylor Swift has her fashion choices nailed.

Taylor Swift boho fashion

Taylor Swift Fashion

Aaah, Taylor Swift and your gorgeous outfits: Modern Country Style salutes you!

Take care till next time,

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Jean | said...

I would wear that jeans and high boots outfit with the peplum top. Reminds me, it's been far too long since I've had a peplum top.

Elaine said...

I like the romantic style of Taylor Swift and she's young so she can pull lots of different looks off. Most of the time she's a class act.

Brittany Seiber said...

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