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This one's for you......yes, YOU.....

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Hello, my sunshine.
How are you?

I'm busy preparing posts for the run-up to next week's
Define Your Blog link party
(click here for more details...).
Are you?

You can link up with a whole host of things: it could be a post that you're extra-specially proud of, or it could be a whole post that sets out what your blog is about. It's up to you.....

While there are some of you that I've had the pleasure of chatting to, I know that there are lots more of you who I don't know.......yet. 

Yes, that's you. Lurking at the back. ;-) 

This weekend, Modern Country Style is all about you. Will you take a moment to chat with me? 

Is that a yes????
Oh, thank you.

I have some questions for you....lovely commenters and shy readers alike...
(inspired by Janell at Isabella and Max Rooms)

1) Who are you? I'd love to hear as much as you feel comfortable sharing.
{If you're wondering how much I want to know, when you're about to share your pin number, that's when it's time to stop. Ha!}

2) What are the things that you love in your life....... your family, hobbies, house, interests, project on the go?
{I want details, details, details...}

3) What would be a perfect week of posts for you at Modern Country Style? Imagine you have a completely free rein to chose the topics, inspiration, projects I'm sharing.....what would they be?
{I am literally all ears. Not a pretty sight.}

4) If you took over Modern Country Style in cognito, what would be your first post....?
{In cognito, eh? You sneaky thing, you...}

I am squeakily excited to hear your the comments section and beyond......

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Missy K said...

Hi Sarah!

We've e-mailed a bit, and I believe you've been to my blog, but not really properly introduced. So, here I am:
I'm Missy K, from the lovely Upstate of South Carolina, USA, which just now is a wonderland of dogwood and azaleas in bloom. I'm a devoted wife to my sweet husband and a mother of two elementary school aged boys who are my delight.

We live in a brick ranch house built in 1962, and have been here for just over five years. We have tackled a couple of large projects like the kitchen and our tiny master bath, but mostly we've put a gentle cosmetic hand to our house.

I love decorating and rearranging our home, photography, cooking, bread baking, pretty paper, old fashioned flowers, the first slant of sun into my breakfast room in the morning, and reading. The project I'd love to tackle is a board and batten treatment in our boring box of a hallway.

A perfect week of posts from here, and I'm not being coy, is what you already DO. I guess I'd call it style synthesis-- like what you have been doing with Belgian Style, or Industrial Chic-- showing how to pull out elements of "looks" that might seem incompatible at first, and use them in interesting interiors.

Incognito? I am a pretty slipshod blogger at my own blog, so no coup here.

Whew! Have a happy weekend!

American in Bath said...

My pin number you ask? Well that is a sort of problem. I seem to have forgotten it, which has my spending way day, but I'm starving here.

My love life? I keep asking friends to produce me a husband. They haven't. Clearly, I need new friends.

I'd make a post all about the Great British Electric Fire.

I hope you are all well. I'm off to play in the sun.

Stitchfork said...

First time here - and wow, I have to spill all?! Okay, I see the sign says "no lurking allowed". Sooo, family is first, then I love to monogram & embroider. I have the most fun with that when I can break those standard monogramm rules! And you can bet I'll be stopping back here!
xo Cathy

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Missy K and Cathy get full marks for perfect comments. Thank you so much!!

Amercian In Bath, you are a saucy minx. But you make me laugh so much. xx

michele said...

i don't think this post is for me. you already know too much, and if you've googled me, oh heavens!

but i had to stop and say




Cindy said...

Hi Sarah,
You know some things about me, I have had the pleasure of emailing you and many comments from you.
1) I am a devoted follower of Jesus, He is my best friend. Next is my husband, then my children and grandchildren, who are my heart!
2) I love to decorate my little old house, and create by sewing, baking, cooking, blogging and crafting.
I love to teach, so I am in the process of putting together a class to teach a group of teen girls to sew and I am very excited about that! Apparently they are not able to take it in school anymore and they are desperately wanting to learn!
3) I love the posts that you do about how to put together the different styles, such as Industrial, and Belgian decor. What I would like to see is how to put together the quintessential English decorating. I adore everything English and would like it explained clearly to me.
4) If I took over your lovely blog, I would probably go outside and take photos of the area that you live in. I am always interested in knowing what people's neighborhoods look like.
Thanks for the chance to speak!
Love and hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

I’m Diane and am from Houston. I’m 50 years old and my partner and I have been together for almost 3 years, we got married last summer. I work in the fundraising group for one of the hospitals in the TX medical center and just love it. A lot. My job is about statistics and data analysis and as a part of this job, I try to let numbers tell a story. So I do this by using illustrations. I think that data visualization is a form of creative expression that requires a lot of imagination in order to communicate with other people effectively. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat. Last year we lost 2 dogs, beloved pets of many years. We are both close to our families and have a small circle of friends. We love to entertain and our home is spacious and roomy and makes entertaining a wonderful experience. The home is new to us, less than 2 years, and we are involved in the never-ending process of making it look beautiful and still look like us. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years. The tiniest bit of violence in the movies or on tv makes me queasy. I love shoes, always wear at least 2 necklaces, like to bring cut flowers and greenery in from the outdoors, prefer the sounds of my natural environment to ambient noise (radio/tv), and am a grateful child of God. I pray for guidance to lead a life with a heart of goodness and express that goodness in my actions. Thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 from Diane: A perfect week of posts would be like an encyclopedia. I want it all. However, realistically, I always appreciate a post that gives me either new information (like an introduction to a particular artist) or a new perspective about something (like deconstructing a design style into elements). I also appreciate references to other blogs (pertaining to the same discussion theme) or commercial sources (for things like vintage fabric or affordable doorknobs). So here’s a perfect week of posts from MCS. Day 1 – Design theme post with room view photographic examples. Day 2 – Element theme post with particular introduction to sources for the design elements, like folk-art (highlighting one or two artists). Day 3 – DIY theme post for creating a painted finish that complements the design style theme or creates an embellishing accessory that is complementary to the design style. This is where I see MCS headed. Sort of a repertoire of the elements of MCS, sources, referrals, and DIY, all in one. xoxo

michele said...

re: cheekychicmama comments

sorry. you CAN leave a comment, but you must click the post title first. i know. i know. i can't remedy the prob, and my techie skills are limited.

glad you liked the autism piece, i'm hoping lots of parenting magazines will run it.



The Rust Life said...

1) My name is Nancy. I am a wife to a retired Navy man and a mother to 3 children, ages from 22 to 6.

2) I love all things crafty! I have never done anything with my creative talent until now. Now, it is all I want to do.

3) Keep doing what you are doing! I read your blog faithfully everyday and wouldn't change a thing.

4) cognito huh? OK, maybe a vintage furniture revival or maybe the projects I'm working on now, some vintagy window revivals.

Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors said...

OK, first of all, these are the most fun comments to read. Love them. Second of all, you pretty much know what I'm all about, but I'm totally planning out a post for the party, so you may find out more then? I second the idea that you should take photos of your neighborhood. Cindy's got me all curious now. I also just want to see tons more pictures of your beautiful house. Real pictures! With mess and living happening! All that fun stuff.

Anne said...

Ooh, Sarah, that gauzy curtain around the tub, the casually elegant furniture...yummy!! This is a fun idea, I always love to learn more about my fellow bloggers. Now let's see... a perfect week of posts would include more about your garden, what kind of pottery/dishes/glasses you collect, something about artwork that you like, design/decor books.... is that enough? xxoo Anne

Prior said...

1) Who are you? Christian, wife, mom of five, grandma to two, teacher's aide, creative, loyal, true...ok, I'll stop...starting to sound like a puppy dog.

2) What are the things that you love in your life.......
I love my grand daughters trying to say "Grand Momma" nothing sweeter under heaven.

3) What would be a perfect week of posts for you at Modern Country Style? Imagine you have a completely free rein to chose the topics, inspiration, projects I'm sharing.....what would they be?
{I am literally all ears. Not a pretty sight.}

pretty pictures seasoned with some real life...

4) If you took over Modern Country Style in cognito, what would be your first post....?
{In incognito, eh? You sneaky thing, you...}

Shh, I can't tell I am planing it right now. I love repurposeing so there would have to be a little sprinkle of that!


bikim said...

such a beautiful post! and a great idea!
you've been to my blog! i've on yours a couple of times! so here it goes something extra!:
i've just turned 40 and still not confortable about it! it seems every single day there's something new on my face!;) i'm portuguese but was born in africa,i'm completely crasy about decor and love to create beautiful things! i dream of having my own shop (not working so far), i love languages, belly dance, english literature and cry over nothing! i love when you ahare some gorgeous photos on decor and original features.
incognito?! my recycling of preserves cans, still a mess but they will look great!
happy weekend!

the fishermans cottage said...

Hi Sarah... Thank you for your lovely kind words, I must say your blog has such a welcoming and happy fibe :) ....well I live in a small fishermans cottage on the east coast, i'm a housewife who sometimes puts off the ironing to make little posies just so I can stare at their beauty... My favourite things are: my family, my garden in June and walks on the beach.

As shopping is another passion of mine especially little local shops with wonderful window displays, I would maybe like to see a post on the little interesting shops you have in the cotswolds.

This has to be the longest comment I have ever done.. Have a great weekend, see you Monday for the link party, Deborah x


Busy thinking about the weekend post . . . so many directions to go . . . thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking.


The Rust Life said...

I have to follow up my post.....NO, no exotic traveling for me. The most fun we had was being stationed in New Orleans for 4 years. LOVED That!

Tricia said...

You pretty much know me by now, don't you? :)

Meera @ firstsense said...

You are so cute, Sarah! :-)

I think you know a few bits and bobs about me, and you'll get to know more as we travel through our blog journey :-)

If anyone took over MCS, I would make it my mission to get you back into power, I couldn't do without your gorgeousness, loveliness and inspirational lessons!

Have a glorious sunny weekend, pretty lady!


Magali @ The Little White House said...

When I read "this one's for you", I thought you were talking about the bathroom picture, which was so lovely... And there I began dreaming about having a bathroom that's not the size of a pantry!
So, here it goes.
1) Who am I? I'll tell you as soon as I figured it out. I've always been full of contradictions, maybe that's what explains the best who I am.
2)I love my house, my job, serious reading and stupid novels, ballet and American TV shows, caramel above all and flowers, having a hot bath with lavander oil and wearing ludicrous dresses...
3) Perfect week of posts would be about renovating a kitchen... Shoot, you've already done that! Maybe an other would be how to make the best use of small rooms, since other blogs are usually about rooms so huge.
4)If I took over Modern Country, I would write a post about how you and your family and cat or cats (?) live your everyday life in "Modern Country Style"...
Magali, sending a ray of sunshine from France, where the weather is delightful this wwekend.

Signe said...

1) My name is Signe, I am 32 and lives in Oslo, Norway. Working with graphic design.

2) My beloved Cas, interior, design, photography and photoshop, graphic design, cats, flowers and spring.

3) Anything that has to do with interior deign in one way or another, but you already have that covered!

4) Hmmmm, no clue! Think I have enough with SignePling :)

Hugs and a happy weekend!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hey there you!!
What a neat idea for a post. As far as about me... you kinda know me already sweets! :) That bathroom is just gorgeous- what a beautiful spot to lounge in that tubby!! I am loving my toile bathroom... but sometimes the gorgeous baths I see make me consider a re-do!! Hugs, Courtney

Lila said...

What a fun way to introduce ourselves. Each Monday I do sort of the same thing through the series Meet me on monday.

Em from Faded White Linen said...

What a lovely idea to get to know your followers. I am a self confessed new follower and am just heading out for my husbands birthday. So I will definitly tell you a bit about myself soon. I love your post by the way - come on over and say hello to me in australa
Em xx

Le said...

this is a lovely thing to do ...
me - gen x, working mother of two wonderful boys, baby boomer stay at home husband, explorer, cold weather babe who loves dessert and eats it first as life is uncertain ...

total fan of yours .... would like to see you post something about flowers, fabric and how you bring mr modern country along for the ride ...

I would not change a thing about your blog :) best le xox

Carla @ Hammers and High Heels said...

Hi Sarah,

Here are my answers!
1. I am a designer, wife, mom to two fur babies, and in general a person that looks for ways to make my life and home more fun and inspiring!
2. I love making things, especially if I can repurpose something that would just be junk! I also love, love, love blogging! It is so much fun sharing our home adventures and projects on our blog, I am so happy I found it as a hobby! I also love bad reality TV and movies!
3. I think doing an inspiration post, a house project post, a review of something house related, then more about your english garden (that I am so jealous of!)
4. Something about English Gardens! They look so mystical and beautiful, I don't think my yard will ever be 'english garden' quality.

Hope you are having a good weekend!
Oh guess what? Alex and I will be going on our first trip to Europe in August, London is our first stop, I'm so excited!

Unknown said...

Oooh such a good idea for a post and a sneaky way to find out about your readers ;) Love it, may have to steal it! hahaha

Who am I? Well you probably know a bit about me by now but I'm an American living in the UK since 2001 with my boyfriend of 2.5 years and our two cats. I've had what many have referred to as an 'interesting history' but it's made me who I am and wouldn't trade my life with anyone else's. That said, if they ever wanted to make the film of my life (this has been suggested as well hmmm), then I want Helena Bonham Carter to play me because she's just the right side of completely bonkers.

What do I love? Laughter, creating, connecting with people on multiple levels, expressing myself via my style both home and on my person, people with a bit of an 'edge' or who challenge me and make me think.

Perfect week of posts? Oh jeez, Sarah, you do this better than I do and I can bearly keep up with my own blog - you're doing rather well I say! I think one thing I struggle with is finding sources for wonderful things I see on US blogs - perhaps UK alternatives?

Taking over MCS - well, to be fair, I wouldn't do it justice my dear. It is your personality that shines through every post so incognito would never happen! I would be ousted as a fraud in no time!!

Hope you are enjoying this GLORIOUS weekend of sunshine we are having my darling! xxx

michelle said...

Hello sweet thing!! How are you!!? I have missed you so! What a wonderful little post you have here and how fun!! I would like to play!
Who am I? Hmmm, that is a great question! :) I am not really sure but I know that I find new and exciting things, some good and some not so much, about me every day. :)
I love decorating and I love my family and of course the beach and all things that come with it!!! I also think I was born with a paint brush in my hand cause I can't seem to put one down lately. :)
I adore your posts and all that you have to say and I learn so much from you and if I took your blog over the first post would be about you and how beautiful and wonderful you are my darling wonky friend!!! :)
This was fun! You are so clever and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Hugs to you!

Shelly Wildman said...

O.K., this is so much fun! I love the comments so far! You found me, I believe. I'm not quite sure how, but I am SO glad you did!! I LOVE your blog. Absolutely beautiful.

About me? Hmmm. I love my life in suburban Chicago (the MOST beautiful city in the U.S.!). I love my husband, three daughters (all teenagers!), and my church. I love writing, reading, cooking, baking, eating (!), and blogging. My relationship with God is a huge part of my life. My friends are also really important to me.

I also love to travel, especially to your neck of the woods--I've been to England six times, and I'm sure I will be going there for the rest of my life. My dream is to live where you do. ;)

A perfect week at your place? I'd love to know more about YOU--your family, what you love, your village, your garden.

I could NEVER presume to take over your blog, Sarah. I do not have a crafty bone in my body. Even though I love beautiful things and I love making my home beautiful, I cannot make much of anything beautiful by myself. You just keep up the good work, dear!

Thanks for the chance to introduce myself to your readers!

Jane said...

Hi Sarah

I've only recently started following you but I'm not a lurker by nature, so here goes!

1. I'm a wife, lawyer and SAHM of our 3 pixies under 6.

2. I love all things French and German, stationery, languages, words, painting, reading, films and cross-stitch.

3. Gosh, I'm so new here that I can't say. I think you're doing a splendid job.

4. Cripes, I just couldn't. It's your pretty little haven in Blogland and for you to enjoy, Sarah.

J x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah Sarah!

I've missed you so so much! How are you dear friend? I hope you had a nice weekend. It's 12:29 a.m. here. I can blog now, LOL! I think I forgot how.
Very cute post! It's good that you set boundaries. I would probably share my pin # because I have the gift of over sharing :) I wanted you to buy that Belgian style chair and ottoman for me. I will have to find another way now, haaaa!
A little about me... I am a mother, wife and part time DIY'r. I feel lost without my faith. I'm thankful for friends and coffee :)I could bore you to tears with all the things I like. Lastly, the perfect week of posts... Well, I think you've had some great ones so far. Not sure you could do a week on it, but I'd love to see ideas on window treatments. Weird, I know.

Better get to bed. Hope you have a wonderful week!

alison said...

Dear Sarah, does this mean if we share with you, you'll share the same with us? Hope so.

I'm just about to hit 41, head on and feeling every single one of those 41 years right about now! I'm mum to 2 gorgeous yet challenging children, 11 and 9. I currently live in Munich thanks to my husband who decided it was a good idea to take a job here for a few yrs, we are almost done and about to return home to Sydney, Australia. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!! I love my family and friends and I've missed them terribly. I love beautiful things and I like to take bits and pieces from different styles to make them work for my home. I have a bit of a cluttering/hoarding gene that I have to do battle with on a regular basis, not good when you have a small house! I also love the colour blue - in all its varying shades from navy to turquoise to blue grey to almost sea green. It can be so calming or so uplifting depending on the hue.

Your posts are perfect Sarah, sorry to be a bore, but I wouldn't change a thing and I wouldn't want to take over MCS - what would it be without you my sweet.
I love your blog and I've learnt so much about styles since stumbling upon it.

Looking forward to your next post, take care and have a great week!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Misty and I think your blog is just lovely. So glad to have found you!
I'm 33 and about to have my first baby (though I've already raised twins...they were my sisters' and they are adults now, I cant believe it!)
I went to art school, apprenticed with a traditional furniture maker, became a firefighter, met my husband in a TEENY TINY town in south jersey, inherited a 214 year old house, got married, became a kitchen designer and recently started my own blog. Whew, sounds like a whirlwind when I type it out. My PIN Number? um...maybe I will remember that when I remember where I put my ATM card...

I love my dogs, my community, my baby who will be here in 2 months! (OMG!), my family, and renovating our house.
I like to make stuff and i LOVE to paint.
I love ethnic food...Thai, Cuban, Ethiopian, Afghani, Burmese...anything with a variety of vegetarian dishes.
Oh, and I also like our couch...omg, so comfy!

i love modern country style the way she is! I love the inspiration. I love that you delve into what a topic is all about. Personally, I wouldn't have suggestions on changing it already know exactly what you are doing!

I'm a bit obsessed with kitchens, so I would probably do a series on kitchens if i hijacked your blog!

Privet and Holly said...

Hey sweetie....Just checking in
This is your word-loving, vintage-
inspired married, mom to a tween
and teen, living in the USA. I like
your blog because it covers many
topics, not just design. I would never
hijack MCS as I can barely keep
keep up with P&H!! I've got your linky
button up and look forward to the
xx Suzanne

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Hi Sarah, I'm looking forward to your party. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of who I am by now. I love gardening, especially my roses and I love design and decorating and I love people and their creativity. In fact, since I've done so many posts about roses and design I will probably do a post to introduce you to an artist at your party, if that's ok with you.
As far as hijacking your blog...not a chance. I love your blog because you write about so many different topics. Nobody could do your blog like you do. It's fabulous!

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