Thursday, 28 April 2011

Will and Kate

First up, the most important news.
I know you're dying to hear....
My Cadbury's Creme Egg challenge is a-going well.

And I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying every
lusciously chocolatey second of it.
I'm not quite sure how I've ended up with so many of them.
They seem to be drawn to me like rather delicious magnets.
Mmmm mmmmmmm.

So far this week, we've had a little look at the lovely
Kate Middleton's Day Looks and Evening Numbers.
Modern Country Style at its royal best.
Shall we take a sneaky peek at the happy couple together?
Is ditch water dull??? I do believe it is. 
Let's press on...

Now, I know it's not for me to say
...although I'm going to say it anyway....
but I think they look genuinely loving together. Don't you?
They're all smiles and eyes at each other. I love that.

I wish them all the happiness in the world together.
It can't be easy making the decision to have
your life turned upside down but it looks to
my amateur-but-keenly-enthusiastic eye
that their relationship is a good 'un
(yes, that's a technical term..).

Ooh, stop press.

Mr Modern Country has just asked me if I'd like to
go out to lunch today with him. Yes, yes!!
I love going out on lunch dates.
So I'd better stop waffling on quick-smart
and make myself presentable.


Images via Celeb Weddings, Dream Royal Wedding, Vanity Fair,
Celebrity Royale, unknown, People, The Pooch Times

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your lunch date Sarah. I agree, Will and Kate do look like they have the real thing going on. They both seem very mature, but down to earth, with lots of class. Great looking couple. I hope this one lasts. I'm getting rather impatient for the big event now.


christina said...

oh yes, i think they are in love:) loving these posts, hope you share a little of the wedding photo's with us too...please???! i am not able to see the wedding on tv.

Privet and Holly said...

I think the fact
that they have
dated for so long
testifies to the
fact that there
must be a strong
friendship as well
as love, which to
me is equally important
to a strong marriage!
xx Suzanne

Susan T said...

Can't wait - off to the shops to get the ingredients for tommorow's girly wedding lunch.

Romance is clearly in the air Mr MCS feels the need of some charming female company - lunch together lovely.

Some lovely shots of the happy couple, and they DO look happy, so very happy.

Let's get the show on the road.

Sarah said...

I agree, I think they look happy and relaxed together and seem to have a genuine love. They photograph so well together too!! :))

Alison Agnew said...

so mind wandered a bit after you said 'cadbury eggs' and i didn't think anything could take my thoughts away from The Wedding...ah the delicious power of chocolate.

enjoy lunch!


Robynne's Nest said...

You better put your royal blue dress on if you've got one! Have fun. Robx

Unknown said...

They look so in love dont they its so sweet to see Im not convinced royal weddings are always about love but these 2 are the genuine deal & what a handsome couple they make. hope you have the hankies ready for tomorrow xx...sorry was there a mention of cadburys cream eggs mmmmmmmm

the fishermans cottage said...

Yes I believe they'll do well together... you still have eggs left? I ate mine days ago :/ will have to start on the biscuits.... have fun on your lunch date x

LindyLouMac said...

I do not get to see as many photos of William and Catherine, as I would do if I lived in the UK, so these posts have been fun.

Catherine said...

You gorgeous girl!! I hope you have a lovely lunch date! Isn't the wedding exciting! My bestie and I are doing dinner, champers and watching the wedding in our pj's!! Yay!! And yep, totally agree; they do make googly eyes at each other....that's love :)

Big hugs,
ps am using phone to type comment as computer dead and disabled right now...darn it!! Will email you soon xxx

WobiSobi said...

LOVE this I am so happy for them.. I LOVE, LOVE!! don't you?

High Street Cottage said...

Sarah, you're too cute...yep, they're the real deal.
I remember very well the photos of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and it was as they say " a picture is worth a thousand words" they never looked at each other, sometimes his head would be down, her's gazing in another direction, they were very formal and when holding hands it seemed forced like an arranged marriage. Two good things came out of their marriage, well, now three;) I'm happy for Will and Kate, not because of status, but because no matter the world's troubles, two people can still fall in love and celebrate it. Love your posts, Mrs.

chris said...

Hoping your lunch date is fabulous!

Charmaine Coombes said...

Love the pics! I agree what a wonderful couple can't wait for the big day tomorrow! Chilling the bubbly as I type!

Sarah said...

I think you are right, they do genuinely seem to be very much in love - and all the best people wait eight years before getting married!!

S (who met Hubby in '88, married in '96!!) :0)

Our Country Bungalow said...

I remember seeing the photos of Diana and Charles and seeing them on TV here and there when I was young (and yes, I got up early and watched their wedding too) and I thought at the time that maybe royals aren't happy people.
In contrast, Will and Kate look a lot different. They look at each other and smile and it doesn't *seem* forced.
I hope they are very happy!
I like the style photos that you've been sharing too.

It's me said...

Blue darling that is the color for your lunch outfit !!!

At The Picket Fence said...

They do seem like they really enjoy each other and have a strong friendship there don't they? Speaking of enjoying each other, I got to go to lunch with Mr. Picket Fence yesterday too (well the one I'm married to...not my brother-in-law, the other Mr. Picket Fence!). Hope you enjoyed your lunch with your hubby! :-)

Young Adventures... said...

I agree Sarah, they seem very much in love and very happy together. Have a lovely lunch date with your hubby.

Erin S. said...

I'm so glad to know that the Cadbury egg challenge is going so well. I knew you had the fortitude, the endurance and the will to go the distance with such a Herculean task :).

And yes, I think they have a real friendship and appreciation for each other. That is probably why all the softies like me are so interested in this--it is lovely to see two people truly in love with each other. And if there is the chance to analyze the decor, dress, etc. of most anticipated wedding of the decade, all the better!

I hope your lunch was nice!

Kim said...

I do believe you are Will and Kate crazy!

Katherines Corner said...

Sarah what a lovely post. Being a British citizen I'm excited to see the royal wedding and I can only imagine her dress will be ultra gorgeous.

Marlis said...

Sarah.. i have so enjoyed your peaks into the world of Will and Kate! I so wish i was on that continent right now.. to be engulfed in all the folderal.. have fun..

American in Bath said...

It's all royal wedding all the time here in the US!It is weirdly overwhelming; although, that may just be the jet lag! I hope you're well.

heather said...

aw, i hope you had a fabulous lunch date! i do so enjoy your kate-fest. and they def look so happy and intent on each other. i love seeing those eyes true love make.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet stuff! Sounds like a chocolate intervention may be in your future, haha!

I honestly think they look very happy together. I never thought that about Princess Di and Charles.
These two are going to be great together. I love the infectious smiles.

And, jealous over here. Have a great lunch with your hubby!

Olive said...

I know you enjoyed your lunch. I wish them much happiness and strength for the task of keeping up with the job they will have.

SLR said...

they do look very in love! she is just beautiful. hope you enjoyed your lunch date today :) said...

Oh so romantic that Mr. Country is...I love your royal updates. I'm hoping they are truly in love as well. I think they are. I'll be thinking of you from across the pond as I'm watching all the festivities tomorrow.

michele said...

ditch water? dull? it IS? i had no idea, Sarah.

in a few hours 'll be watching wils tie the knot, eating swedish pancakes, and thinking of you!



michelle said...

I hope you had a wonderful lunch date sweets! I bet you are so excited for the wedding and they do look very happy together! I can't wait to see everything, it is going to be beautiful. :)
Did you save some eggs for the occasion? ;)

lisaroy said...

lunch! how fun!
They certainly do look like they have a great relationship - and having been together for so long already, a great friendship as well. I think they look great together and can't wait to tune in tomorrow! :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I agree.. I think they look genuinely happy together. I hope you enjoyed your lunch:)

Tricia said...

Oh Sarah, you're so fun...I wish we could meet in person! I hope you had a wonderful lunch with the Mister. I'm going to lunch tomorrow with my sister to a place called Emma Krumbees...sounds kind of English doesn't it? Anyway, on to Will and Kate, they do seem truly in love ♥

Big hugs ♥ Tricia

bj said...

hahhhaaa...I love it...that you, a young thang, and me, an olden thang, both have an obsession with the beautiful Kate.

Meera @ firstsense said...

Hello darling, how have you been? I've been off the computer all week, soaking up sunshine and frolicking with the man :-)

(tried to comment yesterday but kept getting an error on the blogger window)

LOVE your Kate and Will+Kate posts! She is such a style icon, and effortlessly beautiful and classy. That pink frock is my favourite too!

Off to cook a big breakfast and watch all the hoo-ha now :-)

Have a great weekend!

Meera xx

Bending Birches said...

she sure looks classy!
*spring giveaway*

Le said...

I agree - they look totally in LOVE - it's so sweet and life afirming :)

I'd like to see you do a fashion friday - once a week a pic of you in your fashion goodness :) le xox

Le said...

ps I loved the dress - she looked divine - he looked handsome ... maybe her flowers might have been something more ? her sister looked a delight ! happy days :) le xox

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

I love seeing them together. It makes you feel warm inside...fairy tales DO come true :)

I love it when I see a man look lovingly at his woman like he does. Those lil sneaky sideways glances *sigh*

THAT is priceless.

Enjoy your lunch my dear!! Be sure to stare at the Mr. long and lovingly....with spinach in your teeth - heheehe


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

They are a cute couple. I don't care for him in their official engagement pic. Thought he looked pasty.

I thought of you the other day. Our commissary (grocery store) had the Cadburys on clearance! I didn't get any but got the M&M's big bags for .50. :)

Unknown said...

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