Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Modern Country Dining Room

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all sit down together in this gorgeous Modern Country Dining Room and sit and while away the afternoon chatting over whether we would hang that mirror on the wall (too dangerous?) or leave it leaning there for the sake of aesthetics....and then whether linen slip-covered chairs are as hopelessly impractical as they seem? Yes, you can wash them but are the blackberry jam squished-in stains ever going to disappear? My sensible-mummy-eye tells me a big Fat NO.

But isn't that precisely what would be so enjoyable? We could toast in the New Year making the very most of the hostess' kindness, and then skidaddle the moment it came to any hint of tidying up....and onto the next house, I say!

Are you with me?

Image via Alex Macarthur

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rusty duck said...

I love those big leaning mirrors, I'm on the look out for one for the bedroom.

Have a great 2013 Sarah. Jx

Susan @ The Collected Cottage said...

Ha ha, Yes, I say Yes, as well!!
..........maybe we could invent Linen Stain remover and be the design world's sweethearts!!

LaPouyette said...

Very beautiful image!

And - I like to tell you that if slip covers are made from old linen for example, there is no problem at all to get rid off ANY kind of stains by washing them in the highest temperature, adding some oxi product if necessary, and -they will also not shrink! As I have made a lot for several interior projects I can assure you.
Maybe that helps?? :)

sorry for my English :(

Sara said...

I'm there! Lets go! But the mirror would have to be on the wall. I'd trip over it on the floor!
Sara x

michele said...

i love it, and you already know i'm a huge fan of white, linen, slipcovers...it has never posed a problem in our house. i do a lot of laundry, but who cares? i enjoy making things clean again. and children need to be taught to respect property and use napkins for their jam hands.

love to you.


i just typed 'jam hands'

Cindy said...

Sounds like a good plan, Sarah! Happy new year to you and yours and may all your dreams come true in 2013!!!
Love and hugs, Cindy

On Crooked Creek said...

Oh, yes...I'm right there with you, dear friend!!!

Stephanie said...

That chandelier! SO LOVELY!

Deborah said...

It would be lovely Sarah...especially with you!
How are you sweet friend? Happy New Year!!!!
I've missed your cute face! lol

All my heart,
Deborah xoxo

Unknown said...

So very much want that mirror. I'm not even sure where it would go but...doesn't the heart wants what the heart wants.

Mrs H said...

Sounds a great plan! I'm happy discussing the decor and then leaving them to sort things out the next day!

Unknown said...

Totally with you! Gorgeous space - that mirror and chandelier is to die for and contrasted with the rustic table? Ooooh yes please. xxx

Abramyan Avenue said...

absolute perfection!!! I love it! The mirror, chandelier, candles, wall color, everything is just perfect!


Meet you in that beautiful dining room ... I'll bake enough scones for everyone.


Elaine said...

I'd worry about the chairs too. They would need to be saved from being scratched to shreds by kitty claws (at least at my house they would).

Privet and Holly said...

That is the beauty of the
teen years.....jammy hands,
begone : ) I especially love
the table--wonderful!

Happy 2013,

xo Suzanne

Lydia said...

I love how tall and skinny a leaning mirror makes me look- but this is California- earthquake country- so I double latch the mirrors and must look at myself as I really am):- sigh

Ann said...

That is one beautiful mirror,
and it looks so lovely where it is right now.

Daisy Rogers said...

I love those dining room furniture candle stands. They are wonderful in their design and colors as this furniture's should have.

Susan T said...

Wow love it. I wish I had the daring to paint my dining room a similar colour. Sorry to have to break this to you darling Sarah but my two are 24 and 20 this year and just as messy as they ever were, the only thing I notice is the lego has gone, but you should see what they can do to a kitchen after a snacking session.xx

lisaroy said...

Gorgeous! And the slipcovers don't scare me at all! A good OXI or homemade cleaner made with washing up liquid/hydrogen peroxide/baking soda will take out any stain worry-free :)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I love it. I am in need of some more statement lighting in my life. Unfortunately the Finca's ceilings are far too low. Maybe I could just channel the candle holders instead!!!

Donna@anangloinqu├ębec said...

On my way....

Anonymous said...

I love this room, the dark walls are complimented perfectly by the amazing gold mirror - what a feature, pulling the whole look together. I love the fact it is leaning and not hung, it goes against what we expect and the heavy carved frame adds such style and depth to the room. The gold and cream colours and stunning chandelier add balance to the room against the darker tones. My Mummy head agrees about the slip covers, but when a room looks this good, I say just go with it, I have 2 little ones and cream carpets - totally impractical, but fab.

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