Thursday, 17 January 2013

Modern Country Georgian Cottage House Tour

Did you love the house I featured showing The White Company's Christmas 2012 collection as much as I did?

 Want to see more....much, much more? {Like, enough to satisfy the stalker in you?...Yes, I know it's there...} Then come on over to the very lovely Relics blog today and take a peek at how to get the look.

Home office | Cosy Georgian cottage house tour

Those lime-washed floors? They could so be yours.

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Unknown said...

Delicious post! Love that first pic, the foyer table is arranged so well. Have a great day. -Al

michele said...

oh the limewashed floors. i wish. i wish.

smiles to you and hope you will stop by when you have a moment. today's post has yer name all ovah it.


rusty duck said...

Ummm! Our floorboards are currently covered by particularly cheap fitted carpet (inherited). I'm hoping to restore them, but if they're not suitable for wax maybe a limed treatment would be the answer?

Same with the beams, currently black. Feels too oppressive.

On Crooked Creek said...

Love the featured post!!!

Teresa said...

A lovely Haven to grown in...
Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I so LOVED having a nosy around that beautiful house ~ thank you X

Unknown said...

I've so been trying to work up the courage to lime the floors. LOVE that house.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Snowdrop Project said...

What a wonderful house Sarah.
Lovely to see it again.
Hope you have a lovely week,
Liz x

UNKNOWN said...

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