Monday, 21 January 2013

Modern Country Girls: Sophie Dahl

Today, let's talk about Sophie Dahl. 
A real Modern Country Girl.

I have the most enormously embarrassing girl-crush. 

Yes, Sophie Dahl at first seems to be utterly intimidating: A perfect face. A ramshackle-country kitchen. Extraordinary culinary skills. A modelling career. Oh, and she's Roald Dahl's grand-daughter. 

Everything to envy.....yet she somehow has a charm that makes us all fall head over heels for her doe-eyed loveliness. 

Sophie exudes warmth and homeliness; as though you could just pop by for a quick bite of whatever scrumptiousness it is that she's been rustling up that morning. 

{Why, thank you, Sophie, I will have a third helping.}

Sophe Dahl manages to at least appear to perfectly juggle the demands of a busy modern career with a calm, countrified home-life; and that in itself is a no mean feat!

Modern Country Miss.
What's not to love?

Images via: Cooking Up A Storm In A Teacup, Telegraph, SuperMomza, tumblr_m9wqvg8dxd1rsyisotumblr_m9wqvg8dxd1rsyiso, The Times, The Swell Life, Regan cameron 

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Susan T said...

Oh I love Sophie Dahl she is stunning, she always come across as the sort of person you want to be like. I think it is her natural smile that does it, it lights up her face. A modern country girl at her very best.

Unknown said...

Her book is on my never ending list of books to buy. I believe she lives in Buckinghamshire, I bet her home is stunning, chic and oh so comfortable if her kitchens anything to go by. x

Ricki Treleaven said...

What a lovely post, and I'd love to get abetter look at Sophie's country kitchen. I need to find some of her cookbooks!

Le said...

remember when she was the poster love child for plus size models ... she was a delight then and is now - ya Sophie and ya you ... I've been on a break ... five months ... back now ... best to you le xox

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh no, I had never heard of her until now! She really seems lovely and genuine. Does she have a cooking show? In the States?


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Yes, her show was maybe 2 years ago, I think....and she has a couple of cookery books too. I have's a sight for sore eyes. And the writing is as lovely as the recipes! Xx


carol jane said...

She is adorable in her cute country outfits, and so beautiful in the last PINK photo. Would love to see her home. Ask her if she would share a home tour with us!

Glynis said...

...and not forgetting that she seems to be blissfully happily married to the lovely Jamie Cullum!

Unknown said...

Here in Canada, we've not been exposed to the delightful Miss Dahl. ...but I first saw her cooking show on BBC Canada and follow it every chance I can. There is a lovely series of hers playing at lunchtime right now. So I sit with my soup and watch her create wonderful food. A hidden treasure here in North America. One worth seeking out.

And those eyes will get you every time.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh my goodness!
I've never heard of this lady. I had to google her...but my 11 yr. Old grand daughter LOOKS LIKE HER! Amazing.

Ms. Sophie ---appears to be a talented and lovely lady.
thanks for sharing your 'girl-crush'
:) Pat

Cathy (aka Catherine) and Bill (aka William) said...

Oh Sophie does look lovely... someone one would love to get to know. I had never heard of her until now and am pleased that her show is on BBC Canada. (The only time I watch TV is while I workout so will have to switch workout time to catch her show.) Must find her cookbook.

Thanks for another lovely post. (Actually you are the ultimate Country Girl so I guess that makes Sophie the Penultimate!)...

Take care

The Snowdrop Project said...

Great post Sarah.
Sophie Dahl looks like the sort of girl we would like to be friends with.
Love her husband too!
Have a great week,
Liz x

Privet and Holly said...

I will have to look
out for this lovely
domestic goddess!
Don't know her {yet},
but love her great-
grandfather's books!

Hope you and your
little family are well
this winter season : )

xo Suzanne said...

I just got one of her books before Christmas. I think It's Fond of Food and I LOVE it! I agree, I have a girl crush on her her writing, her recipes and her style.

Elaine said...

I have not heard of her either. Will have to look for her show and books.

Pretty lady, like her style from the photos.

Vanessa said...

I haven't seen her in a while. Good to know she's still got it!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

ok why did i not know who she was until reading this?!!? i LOVED roald dahl as a kid, i ate up everything he ever wrote. i had no idea he had a beautiful, talented G-daughter. must research her now. whats she famous for?

Unknown said...

But she's my girl crush...ok, we can share her.

Lovely feature C:

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