Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Book Review: Farrow and Ball Decorating With Colour

I've been invited to join the expert panel of judges for B and Q's Unloved Rooms competition; I've loved looking through the entries, searching for potential, reading the background stories and generally getting to be very nosey indeed! But look at what we have here....

Oh me, oh my! Farrow and Ball have released a new book!

Farrow and Ball Decorating With Colour by Ros Byam Shaw is published by Ryland Peters & Small and is available from

Ros Byam Shaw is back with another belter of a book. 
A real cracker if I may say.

Split into three sections, Classic, Contemporary and Country, Decorating with Colourwalks a very pleasing Modern Country line between the three. Ros has chosen a beautiful mix of effortlessly stylish homes, which are an absolute feast for the eyes.

As well as Ros' lovely text, there are gazillions of gorgeous photos to drool over.

Beautiful chalky shades, as well as warm jewelled hues, will have you reaching for your paint brush faster than you can say "I could literally eat every one of Farrow and Ball's hundred-and-twenty colours".

One of my favourite features of Decorating with Colour is the index at the back. It means that you can look up every single reference to the colour you're currently obsessing over. A colour-perfectionist's dream...

Being a proud owner of their previous book, I one hundred per cent believe that this, too, will be a book you dip into over and over again.

Worth its weight in sample pots!

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Sarah said...

Ok, I'm sold, this books looks lovely and a 'must' for my own Christmas list - thanks and enjoy the rest of your week!! xo

Elaine said...

Oh I love eggplant or purple in a room. I have toyed with the idea but have not been brave enough to attempt it.

Ann said...

The book looks awesome.
Love the room with wooden beams.

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