Friday, 14 November 2014

Farrow and Ball Front Doors ...And Finding Your Perfect New Home!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of discovering that the house you had half an eye on for aaaaages has just sold for a price that you could actually have afforded? Grrr. Take a look at some of these lovely houses...and their Farrow and Ball front doors!

Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Green Smoke
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Green Smoke

Or have you wondered how many people might be interested in buying your home, without wanting the hassle of putting your house on the market?

Clapham, London - Farrow and Ball Vart de Terre
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Verte De Terre

Take a look at this fantastic new site I've discovered: WhenYouSell.  It's such a simple concept but is a completely ground-breaking idea for both buyers and sellers.

Pale Powder  front door (Farrow and ball)  - - -- - love:
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Pale Powder

Here's how to find your dream home the easy way:

If you're looking to buy, you can use WhenYouSell to plan ahead by registering early interest in properties you love before they're even on the market. You can do this by simply drawing your preferred search areas on their map.

Farrow and ball pelt - front door
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Pelt

Think of the potential! You could mark off a whole neighbourhood, a school catchment area, walking distance to the town centre, or even that one dream property....

Farrow and Ball Railings front door. Modern Country Style: The Best Grey Paint Click through for details.
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Railings

Buyers create a simple profile to enable them to be more specific about the type of home they're looking for (Would you like period details? a large garden? a long driveway?)

Front door painted in Farrow and Ball's Green Smoke
Front door painted in Farrrow and Ball Green Smoke

I love it! Finally....
A site that allows you to let people know that you love their house, before it's even on the market. 

Love the French Gray against the white
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray

Then comes the real magic!

Every property owner can use WhenYouSell to discreetly follow interest from potential buyers by locating their home on a map, and entering a few basic details. This is kept invisible to other users. WhenYouSell sends email updates to keep sellers informed on any interest in their property.

Audrey Utley - UK  Colour: White Tie, Card Room Green  Finish: Exterior masonry, Exterior Eggshell  8.10% of votes
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Castle Gray

Up until this point, the service is totally free for everyone. 

If a property owner decides to sell, they can pay a £10 fee and send a simple property profile to directly to the buyers they select. Interested parties can then contact the owner directly through the site's messaging platform. Property social networking at its best!

pictures of gray houses with colored doors | ... grey color by Sherwin Williams. The front door is by Farrow and Ball
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Blue Gray

There are no hidden costs whatsoever, meaning that it is possible to sell your home for a tenner, saving you thousands of pounds in estate agents fees!

West Egg Blog modern country living with pug!
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray

So whether you're trying to find your dream home - Farrow and Ball front door included! - or whether you'd like to dip your toe in the property market, take a look at WhenYouSell and see for yourself!

See for more details...

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Shelly Wildman said...

Hello, dear Sarah! Is your neighbor willing to sell? I would love to be your neighbor and live in the Cotswolds! :) One can dream . . .

I have to thank you for all of your Farrow and Ball posts. I just redecorated our guest room (all ready for you!) and used F&B Pavilion Gray. Oh my word! It is so beautiful! And I absolutely LOVED using the F&B paint. I'll never go back.

Now to paint my front door. It needs it!

Heaven's Walk said...

What an utterly fabulous idea, Sarah! Wish they had that program here in the States! The gorgeous photos of the doors make me want to run outside and paint mine.... lol

xoxo laurie

hanuszka said...

oh, I love all of them...

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