Monday, 17 November 2014

Making A House Your Home by Clare Nolan: Book Review

Making a House Your Home: The Essential Guide To Modern Day Homemaking by Clare Nolan was published way back in 2011 but, rather out-of-character for me, a voracious devourer of design books, I've only recently discovered it. I absolutely adore it, and thought you would too... Here's a book review just for time for Christmas!!

Clare Nolan is the Lifestyle Editor for You magazine (which comes with the Mail on Sunday). She clearly has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience at her fingertips and is extremely open in sharing that with us, including a fantastic section on working with what you already have.

Though it was released back in 2011 by Kyle Books, it hasn't dated in the very least. Rather, three years on, it has fast become one of my go-to books, showing just how timeless Clare's ideas are.

Here's a list of the contents, which are all very self-explanatory:

Making a House Your Home takes you through every step of how to turn your ideas into a reality...

This shot, along with many others in the book, is from Clare Nolan's own home. It's a fairly modest house, which I love. This is not only a book to gaze at longingly; there are so many ideas to put into practise in your own home....such as how to get yourself a pantry on a budget..

You'll be left thoroughly inspired to give your own home a real shake-up....rather than, as with some interiors books, wondering why you can't be a Lady of the Manor.. *stamps foot*!!

Full of gorgeous images, and text so good you'll want to be Clare's best friend by the time you've finished, 

Making a House Your Home is one of my all-time favourites. 
Get it. Click on the link! 
You won't be disappointed.

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Unknown said...

This book looks lovely, every house should be homely and inviting I think :O) The images look stunning. I love the carefully placed items that make each room look styled yet inviting. The ornate mirror next to the modern table and chairs is such a feature, yet so simple. The white French style sofa against the white wall is beautiful, the ornate detailing adds dimension to the space without looking out of place as its all white and the added cushions add even more layers and character. its often about balance, not over doing it, but choosing a few choice focal points. A home to dream of :O)

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