Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The RHS Companion Guide To Scented Plants By Stephen Lacey: Book Review

After this post on how adding home-grown eucalyptus is a cheap and effective way to give pizazz to any bunch of flowers, it got me thinking once again about scented plants in the garden. I am absolutely crazy about scented flowers. If you are too then The RHS Companion to Scented Plants, the only major reference work on scent and scented flowers that is endorsed by the RHS, authored by Stephen Lacey is one book you won't want to miss.

RHS Companion to Scented Plants lr

The Companion To Scented Plants (published by Frances Lincoln), not only contains an extensive list of plants (more on that below), but also gives over the first three chapters (Scent And The Gardener, The Nature Of Scent, and Planning Your Garden) to fantastic ideas about garden designs that are beautiful AND highly scented....a Modern Country Garden paradise!!

The rest of the book acts as a catalogue of scented plants and flowers. However, and let me very clear, this is not a dry, dull reference book. Instead, Stephen Lacey's text will have the olfactory  equivalent to making your mouth water (making your nose run??!!)...


This book reveals aroma as the intensely personal but often-missing ingredient of beautiful gardens. If you spent the long summer evenings in your garden enjoying al fresco suppers.....but didn't spend time with your head buried in deliciously fragrant flowers then, please, buy The RHS Companion to Scented Plants and set yourself that delightfully achievable and utterly pleasurable goal for next year!

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