Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Leather Sofas: Make Them Work For You!

Squishy leather sofas with dark moody walls get my pulse racing. 

It can be easy to look at these gorgeous images and feel daunted at the prospect of making this look today, I've broken it down with design boards....taking images I love, with beautiful fail safe paints, on most of which you can click through to colour studies, and some classic Modern Country elements. See what you think...

Clockwise from top: The fantastic thing about distressed tan leather is that it gets better and better as it ages. Look at this gorgeous chair. Doesn't it call your name enticingly?; The key to making leather warm and inviting is throws and blankets; Man up this look by choosing a timeless Chesterfield design; Keep the focus firmly on the sofa by choosing low-key natural sisal flooring; Moody paint colours to try: Dulux White, Farrow and Ball Light Blue, Farrow and Ball Blue Gray, Autentico Nearly Black 
{Images via Modern Hepurn, Mexchic, Togs and Cogs, Flooring Supplies}

Charcoal walls and tan leather sofa!

Don't you love all the natural elements?

Clockwise from top: Here's that masculine Chesterfield look again; moody colours need lots of light to bring them to life so mirrors will be your best friend if you want to go this route in a dark room; Blankets, blankets, blankets....a girl can never have too many!; It's vital to choose the right sofa leather...tan AND distressed should be the mantra here; paints to try include Dulux Linnet White, Farrow and Ball Plummet, Farrow and Ball Down Pipe, Farrow and Ball Hague Blue 
{Images via Interiors By Studiom, My Sweet Savannah, Mr Buckley, Retro Cowboy}

And any guesses to what we've just bought for our new extension?
 Uh huh! A squishy leather sofa! 

Come and see how we dress it up Modern Country Style on Friday....

Images via 79 Ideas, unknown, 1st Locations

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A new sofa ... fun. Our furniture was in storage for three years and it was already old. It is soon time to start looking. Should it be leather?


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love leather or fabric sofas....we have both...BUT if you choose leather then e super-careful when choosing the kind of leather. It should be the sort that looks better as it gets older (tan works well) and aniline or semi-aniline...


bj said...

I have 3 leather sofas...and love them more every single day....I agree that pillows and throws soften the look and make things more....squishy...!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a choc brown leather sofa in my lounge and its great. Even old leather looks stylish and leather chairs are often so comfy. Dark leathers contrast well with lighter natural tones and/or adding a hint of gold can really lift the look - maybe a gold rimmed mirror above a dark leather chair - tres chic :O)

Unknown said...

Wonderful post! It's a fact that leather is long-lasting and thus, leather sofas define class. These are lush and come in a wide variety to choose from.

jade said...

Some people do not prefer leather sofas for various reasons, so they might be more inclined to purchase a microfiber sofa. Demir Leather

Unknown said...

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