Saturday, 24 October 2015

Gorgeous Georgian Gems!

When I first spotted our new home on the market, I felt a heady mix of excitement and anxiety. I wondered Could this be the house we'd been searching for? Could this be our forever dream house

Georgian Staircase, London:

Certainly not in the state it is in at present....but that only added to the dream factor. I'd always vowed that if we ever moved then I didn't want to take on someone else's taste that you effectively pay for in the asking price. 

Beautiful Cotswold stone Georgian house..:

No, I wanted to have the freedom to put our own Modern Country Style stamp on the property, and the new house looked like it had a LOT of potential in that area.

Georgian Farmhouse:

I know this will sound silly to many of you but one of my initial concerns was that the house wasn't Edwardian. You see, my parents have lived in an Edwardian home forever and ever, and you know how much I loved our old Edwardian home.

Georgian farmhouse | Period Living:

And then I found myself flicking through various images I've saved over the yea of houses I love and I marvelling that the siren call of the Georgian House has been luring me in all this time!

Living room | Cosy Georgian cottage house tour

Many, many of those photos (and I've included some of the best throughout this post) were indeed of Georgian gems. I realised that I've always loved the high ceilings the doors, the windows....

 the symmetry and the elegance of that era.

Yes, I'm officially hooked!

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Anonymous said...

Exciting times! I look forward to reading more about your new house.

LindyLouMac said...

how exciting to be starting a new chater in your life adventure.

Agata said...

Absolutely beautiful :-) Are any of the pictures from your new home?

Ricki Treleaven said...

Stunning! Georgian homes are my favorites.....we have a pitiful little nod to a Georgian house here in Alabama with floor to ceiling windows and a bit of symmetry!


fourkidsmom said...

Hey Sarah, I love that style, your style. Can't wait to see pictures of what have done.

Lissy Parker said...

What a beautiful house! I can hardly wait to see your progress!
xo, Lissy

Sarah said...

What a beauty! I could easily live in such a home. Congratulations! Can't wait to see what changes you make.

Van Lucas said...

The pictures in this post are absolutely wonderful!

I've actually always been more partial to ranch-style country homes, but this post might have made me a convert. There's just something about the tall windows... They really capture my attention and make the space seem so elegant.

Thank you for this post!

Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes

Veronica Perry said...

Your kitchen is fabulous! All that room to move around in is lovely for cooking. Indeed, the whole house has a spacious feeling to it. Georgian houses have a lot going for them in terms of style. The gardens surrounding your house add to the whole effect. Your house has heart.

Veronica Perry @ First Fairway Realty

Martin Moran said...

If you are moving out of state, looking for a realtor could be trouble if you don't do your research now. Find groups online in that new community, and pick their brains about the best realtor. If nothing else you will get some honest opinions from third parties who really have no skin in the game other than to help out a newbie in town.

Martin Moran @ Buyers Agent San Antonio

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