Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Best Books For Small Gardens

Beautiful designed Modern Country small gardens have always stolen my heart. 

beautiful garden design ideas, landscape, outdoor living

There's so much that can be done with a diminutive plot. Every inch can be smothered in love. See what I mean with any one of these gorgeous pretties....

beautiful garden design ideas, landscape, outdoor living

Two of my favourite small garden books are Garden Designer veteran John Brookes' Small Garden....

...and Designing Small Gardens by Ian Cooke.

John Brookes' Small Garden is a more comprehensive tome but Ian Cooke's is perfect for popping in a bag, or reading on the way to work. 

29680 (03).jpg (800×534):

Designing Small Gardens feels a little more comforting, as though someone in the know is holding your hand through the process, whilst Small Garden bombards you with fantastic information on every page.

Small garden design...a 'tyson bennison' chandelier hanging from a wisteria draped pergola   poised artfully over the stone table at his regency house courtyard in Battersea (South London) ~ from 'british house and garden july '10 ❀ ~  ◊  photo via 'trouvais':

Both books cover recommnded planting, hard landscaping and case studies but win very different ways.

backyard garden:

Small Garden and Designing Small Gardens (click through to buy) are brilliant, yes, but even better when used together!

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