Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Miracle Of Changing The Exterior Of Your Home

Front After
Front Before

Okay, yes, this house had plenty going for it in the Before photos
(namely, it's pretty dang big) but look! Look at what they did to it!

Back After
Back Before

If you live in a street like the one where this is, which was apparently filled with Edwardian beauties, while the 'before' house stuck out like a sore thumb, or in a street with houses from a number of different periods, then the opportunities for you to create exactly the look you want are absolutely endless.

Getting it right is all in the details. 
So much care has been taken to get the look on all counts:

While I love the Edwardian exterior of our house, as I said on Monday, there's PLENTY to do. This site gives me so much hope that it's possible to get exactly the results I'm looking for.

One more peek at this beauty? Go on then...

All images via: Back To Front

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Monday 27 February 2012

Utterly Gorgeous House And Garden

I love the way this completely gorgeous house has an incredible outside AND an incredible inside. And both work together perfectly without competition. 

That's what I'm thinking about at the moment. Our front garden is currently utterly hideous. So awful that there is very little prettifying to be done. I've tried. Oh, I've tried. But nooooooo. It's all coming out. 

The ugly, cracked concrete. The half-dead plants. The old tree stump. The very thinned-out shingle. Bleeurgh. Starting from scratch. That's where it's at.  And we're just at the very beginning the process of making it look scrumptious

Fancy joining me?

Isn't dull, dark February the most perfect month to dream up 
all kinds of wonderful garden plans?

All via Period Living

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Friday 24 February 2012

30 For 30 Outfit Summary

Hello rabbits,

It's FRIDAY!! 

I'm putting all 30 outfits from my 30 for 30 into one post so you don't have to trawl through pages and pages, trying to find the outfit your searching for.

And there they all are. 

{All you eagle-eyes out there will have spotted that there are only twenty'five photos. That's cos we didn't take photos on five of the days...but I did still wear different outfits. Honest!}

So, what's coming up next? 
Well, we'll be diving right in to a mix of
 inspiring interiors, 
the next steps of our Edwardian renovation, 
awesome craft projects, 
fashion favourites, 

and masses and masses of
Modern Country Style.

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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Day 30, Day 30, Day Thirteeeeeeeee!!

Top: BlossomCardigan: Top Shop, Trousers: Blossom, Bag: Accessorize, Necklace: Gift

Woooooooah, mama. I'm done. I'M DONE!! 
30 outifts from 30 pieces in 30 days. 
I'm there. I've made it all in one piece. 
Who will be dancing as she gets dressed tomorrow morning? 
Who will be lying awake tonight mulling through millions of future clothing possibilities? 
Who will be wearing a ridiculous amount of clothes tomorrow just because I CAN. Oh, wait. Did I just give the answer away?
Yes, meeeeeeeeeeeee!

So, if you see a rather odd-looking preggo wandering around tomorrow wearing 18 shirts, 3 skirts and a thousand shoes and boots attached all over her body, then...errrrrrr........that'll be super-stylish moi.

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