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In 2015, we moved to what we hope will be our forever home, a rambling, late Georgian home nestled in a small market town in the Cotswolds, England. We love it but, even more, we love what it will be, and I'd love to have you along for the ride!

I want to show you how Modern Country Style can suit pretty much any home but my absolute favourites are period houses that need a serious upgrade. We've moved from our old house, which was Edwardian, and have stepped back in time even further to the gorgeous Regency period: symmetry, high ceilings and large, square rooms make them my kind of family home.

high skirting boards repainted Ercol chair

Yep, it'll be Modern Country Style aaaaaaall the way! I just can't get enough of designing Modern Country Interiors that take the warmth and cosiness of Country style and add touches of a mellowed Modern look for a style that suits us (that's me, Mr Modern Country and our five kiddiewinks) down to the ground. 

Modern Country Living Room

The best thing to show you what I mean is to take you on a tour of our new home. I'll be adding spaces, room by room, as they're renovated. Ready?....
{If the tour feels a bit too fast then feel free to click on each of the images, which will take you to all related posts, which will give you more details and more photos.}
Lets begin in the Living Room, which used to look like this: I can hardly explain how lacking in love this room felt when we moved in. 

And how it is now: Our Modern Country Living Room (click on the links to be taken to all related posts)....we knocked a double door way through, added reclaimed doors, a stunning new fireplace, high period skirting boards....you can follow the whole story!

Modern Country Living Room

I think I can safely say that this is one of my all-time favourite rooms. I love every single detail and coming in here feels like a lovely hiatus away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. (And if anything catches your beady eye, you can find the full source list here!)

Modern Country Living Room

Our family room used to be the grottiest kitchen in the whole wide world. We ripped it out days after we move in...

 ...and have completely transformed the space into our Modern Country family room....(click on the link for all related posts)

It's a perfect place to play games together, tinkle on the piano or get on with homework. We carefully renovated the original features wherever possible and sourced extra features that bring a smile to our faces whenever we come in here....

Modern Country Style

Then the smallest room in the house was tackled! Yes, the downstairs cloakroom. Here's the Before...

This rooom was actually created out of a poky little cupboard that was orignally part of the hallway! A total transformation....

{Click on the picture below to be taken to all posts featuring our cloakroom}

Designing a small room was actually a real pleasure. Carefully choosing design features such as the gorgeous tiles, flgastones and high-level loo creates wow-factor in every corner.

It's taken me by surprise what a pleasure it is to plan each of the rooms in our new home: breathing new life into each space. Seeing this house become a real family home makes me very happy indeed. Bringing Modern Country Style into every nook and every cranny of this forgotten gem...

I hope you come to love it too.

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