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Welcome to Modern Country Style.
I'm Sarah. How do you do? 
I'm so glad to finally meet you.

I live with my husband and four children
in a little market town nestled in the Cotswolds, England.

Where to begin? There's so much to share with you...

If you're here for the Modern Country Style Interiors then 
why not start by having a look around the Home and Garden Tour?

There's Modern Country Makes (with tutorials) 
that are all listed under the Make It tab, up at the top. 


Have a total pash for Modern Country Fashion? 
If you want to see more, then check out Wear It. 


And if you want to be up to your eyeballs in temptation, 
then why not have a snoop around the Modern Country Book Reviews
under Read It?

So, what's coming up next? 

Well, we'll be diving right in to a mix of
 inspiring interiors, 
the next steps of our Edwardian renovation, 
awesome craft projects, 
fashion favourites, 

and masses and masses of
Modern Country Style.

Now....what are we doing chatting out here in the cold? 
Come on in and make yourself at home.

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