Friday 29 June 2012

Wednesday 27 June 2012

The Birth Post

I'm not even sure how to find the words to describe childbirth. The helpless feeling of having to endure wave after wave of the full effects of the almighty force in your body can feel extraordinarily frightening. For a short time, though it seemed like an eternity, I felt like a caged animal as I struggled to manage the hideous levels of pain at the peak of labour, coupled with the exhaustion of staying awake for such a long period. 

But then....
But then......

Our darling daughter Sophie was born
and delivered straight into my outstretched arms.
Warm, wet and adorable.

The memory of it makes me want to cry.


Who could truly ask for any more?

To see her sweetly innocent face, 
newly emerged, 
staring up at us, 
formed out of our love for each other:
my love for her daddy,
and his incredible love for me,
was the best moment of my life.

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Monday 25 June 2012

The Pregnancy Post

 It was a loooong wait but she's here!
My gorgeous Sophie.

So let's stop for a moment and 
take a stroll back over the last nine months, 
shall we?

See my tummy growing...

and growing...

and growing....

and growing!

Quite, quite enormous.

Who'd have thought that 
this gorgeous girl 
was hiding in there all that time? 

A complete miracle, if you ask me.
Now, do we know one another 
well enough yet for a Birth Post....?!


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Friday 22 June 2012

Emma Bridgewater Mug Winners...

It's time to announce the winners of the 
Emma Bridgewater Mugs Giveaway....
plucked at random from a metaphorical hat....

{Starry Skies mug}


{Black Toast mug}

Congratulations, girlies.

I'll be sending you an email in a mo...

Next week, I'll be getting back to normal....
kicking off with a bit more Sophie-loveliness
{please indulge me...}

and then bang on track with our
Decorating The Girls' Bedroom

Have an awesome Friday!

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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Meet Our Baby.....

We've spent this week welcoming 

our gorgeous baby girl to the world.
{9lbs 6oz of loveliness.}

Sophie Eloise:

We are completely and utterly besotted.

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Monday 11 June 2012

Emma Bridgewater Mugs Giveaway

Welcome to my 
lovely, lovely, lovely 
worldwide giveaway, 
{which will be open for two weeks only}. 

In honour of Fathers' Day,
I {very} proudly present to you
a gorgeous giveaway from

Here is the lady herself...
and is it just me or is that exactly the kind of dresser 
you want to have a good nose around?

They've super-generously offered two of their covetable mugs for YOU.
Yes, you!

Emma Bridgewater mugs are chunky and curvaceous. 
They feel and look utterly Modern Country.

Two lucky winners 
will be plucked at random.
One will win one of these brilliant mugs 
from the Black Toast range.
{The writing says 'Dad's like to sleep in front of the dad loves toy shops and racing on Saturdays' and inside 'Stripey Shirts...Kind And Strong'}

And the other will win the Starry Skies Daddy mug.
Aren't they completely luscious?

This giveaway is open worldwide to ALL
followers of Modern Country Style, 
{new and old}
If you'd like to be picked as a winner 
then leave a comment letting me know
how you subscribe to Modern Country Style.

For additional entries, 
blog, Tweet or Facebook 
about this giveaway, 
and let me know in the comments.

 Easy,  huh?

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Friday 8 June 2012

Modern Country Style Loves Emma Bridgewater Mugs

It's YOU!

And how are you feeling?

This post is to act as a little taster of the awesome giveaway, 
which will be up 
Excited? I should coco.

I LOVE Emma Bridgewater pottery.
The wholesome chunkiness.
The hand-finished pattern.
The reassuring quality.

And how's this for a quote from Emma Bridgewater herself?
Women are under such terrible pressure these days to be sex bombs and great chefs and good gardeners and fabulous parents and do their bit in the boardroom, that sometimes the only thing to do is sit down with a friend and a nice cup of coffee and create an oasis in the day....
Don't you just love that?

Oooh, look at those shapely mugs.
Do you like them? 
Do you want them?

I have a secret for you, my pretties. 
You're in luck!
Boogie on by on Monday. 
I think you'll have a big smile on your face....

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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Romancing The Queen

Of all the photo-wizardry that I've seen over the Jubilee
this of the Queen and Prince Philip is by far and away my favourite.

In fact, it made me cry. 
{probably the pregnancy hormones talking...but still...}

I find long marriages the most romantic thing in the world.
Consistent, steadfast, committed love.

Faithfulness during temptation.
Devotion through hard times.
Triumph in the face of adversity.

What could be more swoon-worthy?

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Monday 4 June 2012

The Jubilee Ethos

Hey there, sweets,

We're having the most wonderful Jubilee weekend.

Yesterday, we went to a street party.
{The Queen said she would have been there 
but was having a slightly busy day.}

Singing 'Rule Brittania', 
waving our Union Jack flags, 
sheltering under pushed-together gazebos from the steady drizzle,
whilst children played,
and grown-ups laughed, 
encapsulates all that I completely adore about being British.

Today, I'm over at the Relics of Witney blog, talking about their year-round Jubilee ethos. If you're yearning for a shop that listens to their customers, gives fantastic and individual advice, stocks a huge array of home-related delights and is an absolute pleasure to lazily browse around then come and have a look.. 

I'll be posting over there on the first of every month.

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