Friday 30 March 2012

Garden Shed Envy

This time of year always seems to be full of gardening plans for me. 
I was looking back at this post from last March, 
where I was talking about plans for our back garden. 

Some of my plans have come about very nicely indeed.
{I know, I know......Details to come...promise}
And, others?....errrr....not so much.

The summerhouse/super-duper-gorgeous shed idea, in particular. 
Our family life is still at the stage where we seem to need to store huge amounts 
of what can only be described as 'tat' until it's ready for the next child. 

But, one day....

One day.....?

And in the meantime, I can dream.

Will you dream along with me?

And, my friends, if you're lucky enough to be thinking about this for real...
and, to be honest, even if you're not....
then have I got a FAB post for you on Monday....

Images via: unknown, Foxtons, Country Homes and Interiors, 
House to Home, Birdlike, unknown, Country Homes and Interiors

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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Stella McCartney's Garden

Oooh, do I have something very gorgeous indeedy for you today.
Stella McCartney was featured in Vogue recently.

If you missed it, here are the images of Stella's incredible garden.

It's exactly what I've been small-garden-loving over the past few weeks
...but on a rather significantly larger scale!!

Remember here, when I talked about Modern Country essentials for small gardens?
We chatted about formal planting....

....including parterres...

and topiary...

and then adding to it with informal, country garden planting.

Soft, feminine and romantic...

Stella's garden is a Modern Country Garden to a tee. 

And if it's romance you're after, how's this for an anniversary present?

Yes...a whole new walled garden!!

Stella McCartney's a lucky girl...

And just when I was hoping thinking, 
"Well, the garden's nice but I bet the house is hideous", 
Vogue went and gave us this shot...

Hmmph. But at least she doesn't have her own horses, right?

Oh, wait...


Stella McCartney's utterly idyllic 
Modern Country Garden 
is a sight for sore eyes, don't you think?

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Monday 26 March 2012

Book Review: Flowers Every Day by Paula Pryke

What a perfect weekend we had in England weather-wise. 
Warm and mild and gentle and mellow. 
Top-class British perfection, I'd say.

And to celebrate all the lovely pottering I was able to do in our garden,
I have just the book for you today.....

Paula Pryke's Flowers Every Day.
{Published by Jacqui Small}

Oh, it's a complete treat for the eyes.
And for the mind too.

So many gorgeous ideas.

The basic premise is that it should be possible, with clever use of your garden, together with carefully bought selections, to 
enjoy flowers at home every day of the year.

A good one, don't you think, as premises go?

But how does it measure up in the practical stakes? 
Let's dig in....

Flowers Every Day 
is divided into seasons....

...and with each season, Paula Prykes takes you 
through what could be available in your garden...

and what works well when bought....

I love it that both these aspects are covered. 
Learn how to enjoy the best of Country (the Cutting Garden) 
and the best of Modern (the best flowers you can buy).

Modern Country Gardening.

Special events are covered too....

Mother's Day
{LOVE this idea...}

and Easter...

There's plenty of advice for the gardener...

and expert tips for getting the very most from your flower-buying.
Not necessarily by buying the cheapest of the cheap
...but by understanding what will give you a longer vase life.

All in all, this book is jam-packed 
full of original ideas...

for the novice...

and the clever-clogs...

So lovely.

I've included it on my sidebar 
{to your right and up a bit}
in the Amazon widget of 
my favourite Modern Country books.

This could be yours...

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Friday 23 March 2012

Yes, it's our fifth baby....

Aaah, Modern Country tunic, I love you. Can you see the fabric this gorgeous frock is made from? It's a grey Union Jack. I know, I know...L:O:V:E, right? It's not maternity wear but because it's all floaty, it just slips right over my baby tummy.

Tunic: Traffic People, Jeans: Crave Maternity, Boots: Clarks, Belt: Thrifted, Sunglasses: Boots 

This baby sugarplum is the fifth little addition to our family. 

Guy and I always hoped to be able to have five kiddiewinks. I can remember sitting on the lawn with him in my parents' garden when I was seventeen, talking about what we would name our five children. And now, here we are....

Makes me a wee bit tearful reminiscing.

I have sunk to new depths of romantic nostalgia and am listening to Unchained Melody as I write this. On repeat. Double dang those hormones.

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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Edwardian Porches: Dos and Don'ts...

 Whilst we've been thinking about what we want for the porch design for our Edwardian house, I've come up with a list of Porch Dos and Don'ts, along with some images to match.....wanna see?

{Let's have a little have to guess which images are Dos and which are Don'ts...}

Make sure the design looks original:

The porch should fit in well with your neighbours:


...and with the street....

The porch should reflect the scale of your house:

And, finally, use similar materials to the main building:

Did you guess the Dos and the Don'ts??! 
These are the thoughts that we're using to envisage our dream porch design....I can't wait to show you...but it won't be ready for quite a while so let's press onwards and upwards...

Can you believe I'm seven months pregnant now? 
And I'm still enjoying wearing clothes that aren't from my 30 for 30!!

On Friday, I'll be sharing how...

Images via: Adtrader, Victorious Feline, BricksandBrass, unknown, Victorious Feline

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