Wednesday 4 December 2019

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

Welcome back to the new series on Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look. We're diving right into the four key themes of Georgian Style kitchens: 

and materials. 

{So far, we've taken an in-depth look at simplicity and proportion. can catch up here and here}

Modern Country Style: Georgian kitchen in Hardwick White

Today, we're focusing on materials. Georgian kitchens have a very distinctive look. Woodwork is almost always painted with walls and cabinets in a similar or toning finish, possibly with one or two stand out statement pieces.

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

Georgian colours that typify this look happily tally perfectly with Modern Country Style: muted greens and soft sea-blues, dirty earthy tones and gentle neutrals reign victorious.

 Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

Now, for picking the perfect worktop, I have my soapbox ready. Purrrrlease don't choose laminates. They will never, ever, ever look the part. They will stand out like a sore thumb...

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

Instead, choose natural worktop materials such as wood, granite or marble. Modern imported slates are, in almost all circumstances, too soft. My all-time favourite finish is honed granite...but more on that later!!

Modern Country Georgian Kitchens

Georgian Style kitchens need all extras to whisper quality and timelessness without in any way screaming lavish sumptuousness. Think carefully about your handles, taps, knobs and door stylesThis is understated quality all the way.

 Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

Again, please, step away from any plastic finishes, and quickly walk, with a sense of smug reassurance that your kitchen will still look AWESOME in twenty years, towards the over-sized wooden knobs, nickel cup handles, small antique brass hinges, dulled matt black forged iron small handles. Not all at once obviously....!

Gorgeous Neptune Kitchen

When all these tie together, not only will you have a kitchen that will make you grin like a Cheshire cat today but one that will last and lat and last, bringing years of pleasure.

Take Care Until Next Time,

Images via country homes and interiors, mileu mag, elona home, unknown, deVol, my design chic, Neptune

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