Tuesday 2 November 2021

Top Five Reasons For Choosing Black Honed Granite In A Modern Country Kitchen

Let me give you five good reasons why a honed granite worktop should be at the top of your wish list for your kitchen....

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

1) It'll look fantastic.

Of course, when you're planning a kitchen, it goes without saying that for any Modern Country Style devotee, looks will be near the top of your list of requirements and honed granite deserves a gold medal on that list. It screams luxury in the calmest, most understated voice imaginable.

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

2) It'll last and last and last.

Granite has stood the test of thousands of years in the ground, exposed to all the elements can throw at it, You can trust that this is not going to be the primping and preening high-maintenance nightmare of some currently "trendy" worksurfaces. 

3) It's versatile

If you prefer more of a contemporary country kitchen then honed granite should be your pick. And if your looking to bring a bit of country to your kitchen then honed granite brings a gentle, natural softness that few other materials can match.

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

4) It's easy maintenance

Please, please, purrrrlease, do yourself the most almighty favour and DON'T be swayed by high-maintenance kitchen work surfaces. You really need to be able to relax when you're cooking and not worry if this spillage will stain or that grease will smear. No matter how careful you are with a pale, porous worktop, IT WILL STAIN. But with honed granite worktop, a quick wipe over with Method Granite cleaner and it looks, honestly, as good as the day it was fitted.

Georgian Kitchens: Get The Look: Materials

Yes, gorgeous matt black honed granite worktops will finish off any Modern Country Style kitchen. What are you waiting for?!

{We got our worktop from Abingdon Stone And Marble who could not have been more helpful and have kindly sponsored this post. However, all opinions are strongly my own!!}

Take Care Until Next Time,

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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Farrow and Ball: Recipes for Decorating by Joa Studolme (published by Mitchell Beazley) is a must-have read for anyone with even the remotest of interest in creating a gorgeous home.

We all know that a lick of paint can make the most ginormous difference to any room but this clever book takes Farrow and Ball's previous lovely literary offerings to another level. Not only does it feature incredible rooms in incredible houses but, this time, we're taught by Joa Studholme, Farrow and Ball colour aficionado, how these gorgeous spaces link together visually.

It doesn't matter where you are on the experience and ability scale, beginner or pro, if you have a home to paint, this book is for you!

Recipes For Decorating takes that special blend of utter gorgeousness combined with a ground-up training course that is an absolute hallmark of Farrow and Ball's previous books and it builds and builds and builds. Each chapter takes you through an entire house, looking at the whys and the wherefores of each wowsome paint choice. 

As well as taking you through the basics, such as room orientation, amount of natural light, etc, Recipes For Decorating also, and in a way that I've never seen done before, talks about how each of the rooms works with each other. Some work in blissful harmony, others in more of a bold juxtaposition but ALL will have you gasping for breath at the sheer beauty of the spaces....

And they'll most certainly have you reaching for a paintbrush faster than you can say 'Farrow and Ball reeeeeeally know their onions'.

At the end of each home tour, Recipes For Decorating shows all the paint shades together used in that particular house so that you can really see clearly how to do this for yourself, in your own home, with its own particular quirks.

All in all, Farrow and Ball: Recipes For Decorating is an absolute cracker of a book. Get it! And get it now!!

Take Care Until Next Time,

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