Sunday 27 March 2016

A New Hope....

I share so much of my external world with you; today, I want to share something that is completely central to everything I do and all that I am.....

Happy Easter!
He is RISEN!

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Monday 21 March 2016

Modern Country Hotels: No. 131, Cheltenham

Let's talk colour, shall we?
Remember how I showed you The Wheatsheaf Inn not so long ago?
The owners of Wheatsheaf, Sam and George Pearman, also own this cracker. It's another boutique hotel, named simply No. 131, also in the Cotswolds, but this time in nearby Cheltenham. 

And it's Georgian, which, natch, gets a big ol' tick from me!!
They've taken full advantage of all those lovely Georgian details, the huge sash windows, the lovely sense of symmetry.

I'm completely in love with how the couple manage the paint colours they've chosen.

Yes, they've stuck to a very limited palette of chalky greys, sultry taupes and a nod to the naturals with sea tones of blue and leafy greens...but you're not left with a sense of restraint; instead, you'll be bowled over by a wash of harmony.

So many stunners, it's makes it hard to choose a favourite room!

Boutique hotels like this leave me dripping with inspiration...

Image 0:

Coming your way very soon: my all-time favourite paint colour for woodwork and trim...
{You're in for a surprise!}

Images via No 131, Cheltenham

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Monday 7 March 2016

Gorgeous High Skirting Boards!

Today, let's talk about lovely high skirting boards. Perhaps not the most glamorous of subjects, you might be thinking (perhaps high skirts might draw the crowds more easily) but, before this post is out, I hope you'll agree that tall skirting boards are one of the unsung heroes of adding a HUGE dose of W:O:W! to a room.

White Chesterfield sofa by Marks and Spencer's. Walls in Farrow and Ball Shaded White. Modern Country Style: Kate's Creative Space Full Home Tour Click through for details.:
High skirting boards in a kitchen

You see, in olden days, the higher the status of a room, the grander the mouldings needed to be (by mouldings, I mean tall skirting boards and thick architraves...)Yes, it was all about impressing the neighbours and showing off your social standing back then but aren't these lovely high skirting boards beautiful, don't you think? 

sash window, original shutters, lovely radiator...but someone water that plant!:
High skirting boards and shutters

Period houses were created to have more prominent mouldings in the main living areas, and then for the mouldings to get smaller (and cheaper!!) as you went up the stairs to the bedrooms, away from the public eye.

extra high #skirting #boards by joanna:
Tall skirting boards painted the same colour as the walls

It's easy to let such details in a house slip you by but, believe me, my dears, adding high skirting boards can make all the difference in adding character to your home.

High skirting boards and wooden floor is cool - like the spacious and bright corridor and the archway thing.:
High skirting boards in a hall

For some reason, newer houses hardly ever add this stunning feature, unless they're very high end, which is such a shame. I imagine that such extras are sadly driven by profits for the builders.

There wasn’t really a design plan to this room, more of a slap-dash, happy accident kind of situation. I worked with what was there (which was not much bar the mouldings on the walls, the high skirting boards and a very dark fire place), kept the walls quite light (Farrow & Ball Strong White) and painted the fire place in Farrow & Ball’s All White, added a big mirror above it to maximise light in that room.:
Tall skirting boards draw attention to a gorgeous fireplace

Let me tell you a secret: upgrading to high skirting boards and gorgeous wide architraves is one of the best things you can do to add a wow-factor to the bones of a home.

Gorgeous Modern Country living room - Farrow and Ball Pavilion Gray?:
Tall skirting boards in white pop against the walls painted in Antique Cream by Crown

I'm not just talking about period houses here, contemporary homes can also take a bit of skirting board action; they just need careful choosing.

Note the height change in skirting boards when entering the higher status room...

There are lots of ways of decorating with high skirting boards as you can see from these images. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Tall skirting boards topped by panelling

You can add panelling on the top.... 

fireplace in sitting room:
I love this Modern Country living room

or you could draw attention to your high skirting boards by leaving a vast expanse between them and the ceiling....

Grey walls, gold mirror, wood floor:

Choose paint colours that make them pop against the walls..

I like the large ornate gold mirror...:

...or simply paint your tall skirting boards the same colour as the walls for a bit of reverse I'm-so-cool-I don't-even-have-to-draw-attention-to-my-beatiful-house psychology!

Black and White Room, Yellow Sofa for Accent, Chandelier:

In our new Georgian house, we've been doing exactly this! Some of the mouldings had been changed over to diddy little versions (as was all the rage in the seventies!) and changing them back has been SUCH A PLEASURE!!

Shaded White - No. 201 - Emulsion Mate:
Gorgeous Modern Country hall

Wanna see?!!

Images via Kate's Creative Space, Farrow and Ball, indulgy, champagne maker, wearandwhere, Charlotte Bezzant, unknown, La Maison Gray, Modern Country Style, Nicety, Houzz, unknown, Kate's Creative Space

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Friday 4 March 2016

How To Create Belgian Style Interiors: Pre-Loved Pieces

Hey, sweet cheeks!
And how are you today?
I'm loving this series we're doing: 
Belgian Style Interiors: The Essentials.

Today we're looking at using pre-loved furniture...but before we dive in let's have a li'l recap of what we've covered with How To Create Belgian Style Living Rooms so far....

☆ Natural wood, light colors, clay pot, feminine flowers get more only on

My definition of Belgian Style would be that it's all about combining extreme visual restraint and rustic warmth to create elegant, pared-down rooms with a strong nod to an industrial past.

I've only drawn on the elements that I love from this style,
creating my very own Modern Country living room in our new house...more on that next week!! 

So far, we've looked at the use of untreated wood in Belgian Style Interiors.....

and how to sand and renovate your old floorboards...

We looked at how to add Soft Industrial elements...

...and how texture is absolutely key in helping to prevent Belgian Style Interiors from looking bland....

...with the help of our friend the grey rattan kubu chair!

Did you notice that in all those images of Belgian Style Living Rooms there are used pieces dotted around. It may be a small detail but it's these very same pre-owned bits and bobs that create character and bring life to these Belgian rooms: old stone urns, used table, re-purposed lamps and ornaments give these rooms a heartbeat.

De mooiste woonwinkel van Twente :

As long as these used pieces tie in with your overall scheme (to prevent that Junk Shop Anti-Chic creeping in!), and have bags of gorgeous character then everyone's a winner!

Images via

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Wednesday 2 March 2016

Modern Country Hotels: The Wheatsheaf Inn

Great boutique hotels do this whole Belgian Style texture thing to a 'T'. The drop-dead gorgeous bedroom and killer-looks of the en suite bathroom I'm sharing today belong to The Wheatsheaf Inn, not far from where we live in the Cotswolds, in the middle of rolling countryside.

Modern Country Style
The Wheatsheaf Inn

Modern Country Style
The Wheatsheaf Inn bathroom

The attention to detail is just fantastic.

With a soothing background of blueish greys, layer upon layer of texture has been introduced in both spaces.

Modern Country Style
The Wheatsheaf Inn bedroom

Modern Country Style

For those of you looking to create this at home, I'd suggest trying Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Grey for the walls, Little Greene Lead for the woodwork and Farrow and Ball Down Pipe for the feature wall. 

Modern Country Style

Modern Country Style

And that tiled floor?
1,2,3, altogether now:

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