Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Farrow and Ball's Top 15 Painted Front Doors

Exterior Door in Cook's Blue Full Gloss
Front Door In Farrow and Ball Cook's Blue

Farrow and Ball have released images of fifteen of their favourite front doors. Who can ever see too many gorgeous front doors? Especially those painted in Farrow and Ball!

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Vert De Terre

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Vardo and Railings

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Hardwick White

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Black Blue

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Down Pipe

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Hardwick White

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Brassica

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Stone Blue

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Down Pipe

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Blazer

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Dix Blue

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Pink Ground

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Theresa Green

Front Door In Farrow and Ball Pavilion Gray

I'm surprising myself my loving that Pink Ground front door!
{What about you?
What is your favourite Farrow and Ball front door paint colour?}

Images via Farrow and Ball

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Source List For Our Modern Country Living Room

So many of you have asked me where we found different items in our Modern Country Living Room that I thought the time has come to write a source list for you. 

Modern Country Living Room

Let's have a quick reminder of the Before...

I just showed this picture to my lovely husband and he didn't recognise the room! The transformation is unbelievable. It really does look as different in real life as it does in these photos.

Modern Country Living Room

Sofas: George Smith

high skirting boards

Large cushions: Covered in Clarke and Clarke Nantucket in Cinder
Faux Fur throw: The White Company
Aran throw: Rockett St George

Modern Country Living Room

Striped cushions: Biggie Best
Woollen Blankets: Solway Blankets
Cream Fleece throws: Ikea
White rose print print cushions: Cabbages and Roses Hatley in Pink
Smaller sofa reupholstered in: Clarke and Clarke Natucket in Cinder

Belgian Style sofa Clarke & Clarke Nantucket in Cinder

Paint: Specially mixed
Jute Rug: Next

Modern Country Living Room

Antique Mirror Tile Mirror: Frame Emporium
Bespoke TV cupboard: Jay Watson

Modern Country Living Room

White Marble William IV Fireplace: English Fireplaces

Modern Country Living Room

Light: Jim Lawrence
Reclaimed Georgian Doors: Historic Doors

Reclaimed Georgian Doors

Candle holders: Country Living Fair

Our English Fireplaces William IV mantelpiece

Chair: Ercol
Painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey

high skirting boards repainted Ercol chair

Rattan Baskets: Garden Trading

Modern Country Living Room

Table and Chairs: Witney Warehouse
Lamp: Decorus

Modern Country Living Room

Bobbin lamps: Country Living Fair
Cabinet: Freegle

Modern Country Living Room

Ducks: Ideal Home Show

tall period skirting boards

When we moved in this room felt lifeless, cold and soulless...remember the Before?

...yet somewhere in my heart, I just knew that with a little love, a little time and a little Modern Country know-how, it could become one of my favourite living rooms in the whole world ever!

Modern Country Living Room

And you know what? I was right!
So for those of you in the thick of dusty renovations and glimmering hopes, keep the faith and hang on in there...and look forward to nestling in the Modern Country Living Room of your dreams!

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Reader Question: Where To Position Door Knobs On Modern Country Kitchen Cabinets...

Yes! I'm back from a thoroughly relaxing summer holidays. While I was away, I received this lovely email from a Modern Country Style reader with a great question:

Hi Sarah,

I wondered if you could help me with a kitchen dilemma. I've been a follower of your blog for a long time and we share a very similar taste in home decor, we are due to have a framed (shaker style) Ivory kitchen fitted and there is one small element that is bugging me, where on earth to place the doorknobs!! I want to ensure it has the best modern country style appearance as it would be a costly mistake to get it wrong. I've browsed Pinterest and there seems to be a wide choice of where to place the doorknobs. This may seem a bit pedantic but I want to get it right! I'm drawn between putting the doorknob in the corner of the cabinet or central. On your latest blog post (Friday 22nd July) you have inserted various pictures of kitchens and the doorknobs are placed in different areas of the cabinet door which gives a different feel. It would be great to hear back from yourself for some feedback and advice!

Thank you, Kate

First things first: NEVER apologise for being pedantic about the design of your own home!! You're in great company here...I am queen of the realm of Modern Country Pedantry!!

Secondly, I love this question. It sounds like a small thing but I've also spent time thinking this through because it does affect the look of your kitchen, or cupboards, or doors. And these things matter because if you get the small things right, they build up to make a delicious bigger picture.

My tip is to play around with your chosen door knobs, moving them up and down the door until you find a spot that 'feels' right. If you get that feeling, go with it....

...BUT I am aware that some people just don't get those 'feels right' hunches at all and that's just fine. If that's you, please don't feel bad because that's where my next tip comes in handy....

Pick a picture that you like the look of, and use that! The look I personally consistently love is the handles being between a quarter and a third of the way from the bottom (or top ) of the door.

It started with the kitchen in our old house, we fixed the handles a little above their 'normal' place and I really liked the look.

Then, when we gave our bathroom cupboard new doors, I ventured further and moved those babies down, down, down to that magic quarter-to-a-third position and from there I've never looked back!

When we had our TV cabinet made by the awesome Jay Watson from Jay Watson Designs, I went for that same look.

And it still makes me smile whenever I look at it!
And doesn't the cabinet tie in beautifully with our beautiful fireplace from English Fireplaces?

In fact, our Modern Country living room is full of small little details that have built up to make a big picture that has really found a special place in my heart. I'd say it's about time we had a source list around here!

All images Modern Country Style

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