Wednesday 31 July 2013

Colour Study: Farrow and Ball Old White

Hello Modern Country lovelies, 

I've been longing to try Farrow and Ball's Old White for ages but wanted to wait for a north-facing room to decorate. You see, Farrow and Ball paints change beyond belief depending on the orientation of the room. 

Old White Farrow and Ball
Farrow and Ball Old White

The more sunlight a room receives, the greener the paint will look.
The less sunlight the room receives, the bluer the room will look.

{That's my rule of thumb, anyway!}

Old White Farrow and Ball
Farrow and Ball Old White

Yes, it's time for another Modern Country Paint Colour Study...this time the turn of Farrow and Ball's lovely Old White.
{these paint post are some of my favourites!}

Old White Farrow and Ball
Farrow and Ball Old White

When I put together a Colour Study, I source as many pictures as possible of the paint colour, from our house, here in the Cotswolds, and from the big wide world, in lots of different situations and lots of different lights so that you don't just have to rely on a teensy little square of colour on the tester card before you splash out on yet another sample pot.

Old White Farrow and Ball kitchen
Farrow and Ball Old White kitchen

Farrow and Ball's Old White is a very soft and gentle green.
It's a muddy-muted shade but firmly in the green category, and that's in a North-facing room, too (which brings out the cooler side of colours).

Old White Farrow and Ball
 Farrow and Ball Old White via Image Handler

It's a wonderful mid-tone hue, neither too light nor too dark, even in our newly-created study area (more on that to come!) where the internal walls intensify the colour considerably.

Old White Farrow and Ball kitchen
Farrow and Ball Old White via Blue Bonnet in Bean Town

Old White contains just the right amount of grey to firmly join the family of Modern Country paint colours but it's definitely on the Country side of the family. There's nothing steely or industrial about this baby..... but, conversely it contains a great amount of colour to really perk up a New Build room.

Old White Farrow and Ball paint
Farrow and Ball Old White via unknown

You see, I find if brand new rooms are painted in colours that are too grey then they become rather soulless. Farrow and Ball's Old White injects a softness, whilst still being dirty enough to appeal to my Modern side too.

Old White Farrow and Ball radiator
Farrow and Ball Old White via Cast Rads

But, be warned! Farrow and Ball's Old White varies astonishingly throughout the day. It's a bit like having lots of different rooms in one!

Here is our room in different conditions:

First of all, in the morning on a fair day....
Old White Farrow and Ball daytime
Farrow and Ball Old White in daylight

The sun's out {hurrah!}...see how green Farrow and Ball Old White becomes...

Old White Farrow and Ball sun
Farrow and Ball Old White in sun

An overcast afternoon...

Old White Farrow and Ball
Farrow and Ball Old White in overcast daylight

Night draws in...Old White takes on a much bluer cast...magic, huh!?

Old White Farrow and Ball evening
Farrow and Ball Old White in evening

I hope these Farrow and Ball Case Study posts can do all the legwork for you so you can see at a glance whether the colour is going to work for you in *your* house with *your* lighting conditions.

Old White Farrow and Ball
Farrow and Ball Old White walls

I've only selected pictures that I think are accurate reflections of what the colour really looks like, discarding those where the image has been tweaked beyond recognition or the flash has distorted the appearance of the colours.

Old White Farrow and Ball kitchen
Farrow and Ball Old White kitchen via House To Home

Farrow and Ball's Old White is full of character and warmth and charm....perfect for an injection of Modern Country Style into our  brand new room! 

All other images: mine

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Monday 29 July 2013

Nearly ready.....

Gosh, doesn't time fly on blogs!!! 
Three months of solid building work condensed into a week.

I thought of missing out these slightly duller pictures but I really wanted to take you all on the journey with me....albeit the very short route! And, to make up for it, I have included a gorgeous image at the end!!

Our plans mean that we've ended up with two rooms up here, in place of the old, very-grim-indeed shower room. One of these rooms will be the brand-spanking-new shower room, and the other is going to be our grown-up living room/ study, for when the kiddiewinks have taken over downstairs!

The walls are super smooth. The wiring is done. The plumbing first fix is complete. And now we're all chomping at the bit for the exciting bits.
Oh me, oh my!

First stop. wall colour!

Last image via Elle Decor

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Friday 26 July 2013

A prince is born! Kate and William show off their newborn baby!

Stop Press! Stop Press!

Special moment: Prince William and Kate waved and smiled broadly to the waiting cameras as they held their prince on the steps of the private Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in London

A prince is here!

Magic: With the world watching, Kate and William hold their prince outside the Lindo Wing in a genuinely historic moment for Britain

George Alexander Louis was born on Monday 22nd July, weighing a very respectable 8 pounds and 6 ounces.

New life: The baby was crying in his car seat as his father took him to their waiting car yesterday evening

Kate and William presented His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge to cheering crowds outside the hospital.

Emotional: The new mother looked delighted as she looked down at her first child while her husband waved to the excited crowds

But the big news here is that Kate Middleton made no efforts to hide her post-baby bump. With such ridiculous amounts of pressure on celebrities to get back to shape the moment they've given birth, I think Kate deserves a humongous cheer for standing up for the mother's of new-born babies everywhere.

Protective: The baby was wrapped in a white shawl - Kate held her new son closely to her chest as she waved to the impressive crowd

The magazine OK! has been absolutely slated for their quick-off-the-press article discussing Kate's training program...and rightly so. These early days with your very own scrummy bundle are utterly precious and should be fiercely guarded. 

Gentle: The trio take their first steps together into the outside world together as the prince starts his life

It's looks to me as though this pair will go a long, long way.

Hooray for Britain!!

Images via The Daily Mail

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Wednesday 24 July 2013

How To Give New Builds Modern Country Style!

Welcome to:


donker grijze voordeur

Let's get the show off with a bang by looking at a fairly typical new build that has been absolutely beautifully decorated. It's rather non-descript from the outside, though even here, little hints of what's to come shine through...

landelijke woonkamer in grijstinten

Inspiring, doncha think? 

'How do I bring Modern Country Style to a new build?' is one of the questions that I'm most often asked by gorgeous readers.

houten vloer

This lovely house demonstrates one of my key points perfectly, and it's one we'll be delving into deeper later on in the series. Just look at the palette used in these images. 

landelijk stoere eethoek

Yes, I'm harping on again about taking a limited selection of muted, pared-back colours and using this palette, and only this palette to really pull a scheme together. You'll be amazed and, I hope, thrilled with the results.

landelijk stoere keuken in grijstinten

And if you're stuck with colour choice then, as in this sea of prettiness, white, grey and brown will take you a very long way indeed.


 As long-term subscribers to this li'l blog will know, we live in an Edwardian home in the English Cotswolds, so I'm really excited to be able to finally show you in 'real life' how to bring Modern Country Style to a new build, as I reveal our new extension.

hoffz schaal

And while we're kicking off this new series, I'll be getting on with all the behind-the-scenes boring stuff! I am looking forward to having a little less gloss paint on my hands, and a little more time in the evenings! But it'll be sooooooo worth it...just you wait and see what I have in store for you!

stoer houten bankje

This beautiful home is just a taster of what's to come.

Top tips,
Real-life examples,
Best buys
Gorgeous homes

cloche oud zilver tin

Basically, I'm going to try and jam-pack this series with EVERYTHING you need to make your new home, or extension into a perfect Modern Country Style haven.

Will you join me for the ride? 
Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a single post!

Images via I Found My Home

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Monday 22 July 2013

The Beginning!!!


It's all coming out! Yes, we've been in the dirty throes of building work behind the scenes for quite some time over here in our little corner of the Cotswolds. I have to tell you, dear readers, that I was absolutely dreading the whole process. The mess, the chaos, the early starts....but it's actually been a real pleasure. Yes, an actual pleasure

Of course, there's been a few hiccoughs along the way but nothing that good communication and a strong cup of builders tea hasn't been able to sort out.

It was anything but dull while so much action was going on. Our children would have been up and down the stairs like yo-yos if I hadn't been reining then back a bit. However, with no one to rein me back a bit  there was no stopping me! How can I resist a good nosy around in my own home, I ask you?!

And, miracle of miracles, the Lovely Builders even offered to make ME tea a couple of times!

Now that the dust is settling, metaphorically speaking - I think the literal dust will carry on settling for some months to come! - I can show you the best bits, alongside some of the best Modern Country homes in the whole world.

Bring. It. On!!!

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Friday 19 July 2013

The most hideous shower room in the world?!

How's this for a decorating challenge? Hmmmm?

This is our upstairs bathroom before we moved in. {Awkward-to-stand-in-and-slightly-leaky shower included in the house-price.} Welcome to the first space in our house that we are seriously gutting and starting right over.

I have a brand new series a-coming your way! 
It's gonna be AWESOME!!

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