Monday, 22 July 2013

The Beginning!!!


It's all coming out! Yes, we've been in the dirty throes of building work behind the scenes for quite some time over here in our little corner of the Cotswolds. I have to tell you, dear readers, that I was absolutely dreading the whole process. The mess, the chaos, the early starts....but it's actually been a real pleasure. Yes, an actual pleasure

Of course, there's been a few hiccoughs along the way but nothing that good communication and a strong cup of builders tea hasn't been able to sort out.

It was anything but dull while so much action was going on. Our children would have been up and down the stairs like yo-yos if I hadn't been reining then back a bit. However, with no one to rein me back a bit  there was no stopping me! How can I resist a good nosy around in my own home, I ask you?!

And, miracle of miracles, the Lovely Builders even offered to make ME tea a couple of times!

Now that the dust is settling, metaphorically speaking - I think the literal dust will carry on settling for some months to come! - I can show you the best bits, alongside some of the best Modern Country homes in the whole world.

Bring. It. On!!!

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1 comment :

Erin S. said...

Good for you, Sarah! Having a redone bathroom is the gift that keeps on giving. It'll be fun to watch it unfold over the next few weeks.

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