Friday, 5 July 2013

Book Review: Contemporary Upholstery by Hannah Stanton

I promised you an awesome Book Review follow-on post to Wednesday's Andrew Martin shrine and here it is!

Contemporary Upholsteryby Hannah Stanton (published by Jacqui Small) is for anyone who has ever been inspired by an old chair that is crying out for new life, or a stool that just begs for a new cover.

Upholstery is an age-old country tradition, taking pleasure in bringing a breath of fresh air to old possessions....this book gives a fantastic Modern Country twist to the tradition by bringing out contemporary possibilities that you may not have even considered.

Contemporary Upholsteryis divided into four sections: 

The Basics, which introduces you to what you'll be needing to get started.

Working With Fabrics, which includes a fantastically thorough guide to the properties of a whole host of different materials.

Upholstery Techniques, which takes you through a large range of techniques, from quick makeovers to starting from scratch.

And, lastly, Resources, which includes a glossary, list of useful shops and more information on the designers featured.....

...which brings me delightfully on to my favourite part of Contemporary Upholstery. Included within the pages are profiles of lots of contemporary upholsterers, as well as samples of their work. 

These will simultaneously take your breath away, and inspire you to grab the nearest chair and get cracking on your own contemporary upholstery project!

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1 comment :

Ricki Treleaven said...

My SIL designs draperies and upholstery in New Orleans. She would love this book! I think I'd like to read it, too.

Ricki Jill

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