I want the very best of Country Crafts
...wreathmaking, sewing, crochet....
but in a way that appeals to me now in the 21st century.

I'm positively evangelical about this.
Crafts don't have to be out-dated or old-fashioned.
No matter what kind of interior you're after, there's a
lovely piece of gorgeousness waiting
just for you to make....

Okey-dokey, the best way to demonstrate what I mean is to show you just some of the crafts that I've shared at Modern Country Style in previous posts so that you can get a sense of what I'm looking for when I put together a
Modern Country Craft.

{You can click on any of the photos to be taken through to the original post...which is usually a tutorial of how to make your own.}

Click to see more of my lovely Cabbages and Roses bucket bag
Garden Sieve Noticeboard
Felt Heart
Patchwork Cushion Using Samples
Click on the image for this three-part tutorial for a piped cushion with a button-heart panel
Want a modern interpretation of pot pourri? These smell divine and look so pretty too.
I love this nod to vintage labels...but using our wedding day as inspiration. Click on the image for details...

Learn how to make your vety own wreath-base using bits and bobs from your garden.

...and then click through to learn how to design your own beautiful Spring wreath....
...or click on this photo for something a little more autumnal...
Felt Christmas Pudding

Vintage Scrabble tiles make perfect the image for an easy-as-pie tutorial...

I adore these votive holders, made using vintage books. Wanna know more?  Click on through.

A tea-towel and old school trousers? How can that be? Click on the kitten to find out...

My daughter made this heart using berries from our garden. Isn't it cute? Click for a tutorial.

Our friends LOVED these as our gift for their newborn. Want to make your own? Click on the ballet shoes..

I made this Scandinavian Santa using tea-dyed cotton and red velvet. Want one? You know what to do.

Click through for a cinnamon starburst wreath...OR candle centre-piece. I'm cunning like that....

Wanna make your own? Click on the hearts...

Cabbages and Roses Fabric-covered Box file

Well, I hope you enjoyed that glimpse into
the crafty workings of my mind.
What's to come, you want to know?'ll have to wait and see....
but I can reveal that it'll be chockablock full of
Modern Country Style....

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