Saturday 30 October 2010

Case Study: Farrow and Ball Pigeon

The colour I chose for the bedside table was 
Farrow and Ball Pigeon
Picking a colour for the bedside table transformation 
was a tricky bunny.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon

Like picking up a bar of slippery soap in the bath.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon Light Blue
Farrow and Ball Pigeon bedside table with Farrow and Ball Light Blue walls

I scoured paint sample after paint sample to find the perfect shade. But as soon as I saw Farrow and Ball's Pigeon, held up against our bedroom colour (Farrow and Ball Light Blue) and our mahogany bed, I knew it was the one.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon paint
Farrow and Ball Pigeon
The paint cooed to me.
{Pigeon? Cooing? Geddit?!}

Farrow and Ball Pigeon Light Blue bedroom
Farrow and Ball Pigeon with Farrow and Ball Light Blue walls

And the siren-like call of Farrow and Ball paints is pretty hard to resist.

Farrow and Ball
Farrow and Ball Pigeon
I hope these Case Study paint posts will save you time when looking for paints, showing a variety of pictures that show Farrow and Ball Pigeon in different lights.

Although, I have to say it wasn't wholly unenjoyable....
I rather like all that fussing and sighing over paint...

Farrow and Ball Pigeon best bedroom paint
Farrow and Ball Pigeon
The colour of Pigeon changes from very grey with a tinsiest hint of bluey-green to a grey-green in stronger sun.

Very much like a pigeon......?!
I'll get back to you on that one...

Farrow and Ball Pigeon paint
Farrow and Ball Pigeon
It's a beautiful colour that definitely leans towards the greener end of grey.....
Farrow and Ball Pigeon Light BLue
Farrow and Ball Pigeon

....but Pigeon has enough blue in it to give depth and interest.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon Country bedroom
Farrow and Ball Pigeon

My favourite blog for fantastic paint tips and information is the Relics of Witney blog. Have you seen it yet?

Images: House to Home, mine, Providence, mine, Farrow and Ball, Mob 24, Urban Grace, mine,, mine

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Friday 29 October 2010

Bedside Table Makeover

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue

 Our bedside table was a toughie. It was one of those pieces of furniture that I had such an exact picture of what I wanted that it was never going to materialise without a bit of magic. Do you know what I mean?

It had to match what I already loved  in the room. Not matchy-matchy (I didn't want mahogany, for example; I thought that would look to 'heavy' and formal) but it had to be part of the attic-chic look.

It needed to be low. I had the bedside lamp all ready to go on it (Note to self: don't buy the bedside light before you have the table in place....). It's a tall mahogany candle-stick lamp. I love it but it has to fit under the slopey the table needed to be LOOOOOOW.

Plus I actually like lower tables. I like to be able to see what's on them without having to lift my head from my pillow.

Lazy? Me? Errr....yes....

This was one of those pieces that had me looking....and looking.... and looking.....


Not. A. Thing.

Then inspiration struck (about time too, if you don't mind me saying...). I should buy one in the size I wanted and paint it! Problem-solved....

I started off with one similar to this:

I loved the design - ticks all the boxes - but obviously not the pine colour.

Pine and mahogany TOGETHER?

Big N.O..

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue

So.....I decided to bite the bullet and get the paint brushes out!

Farrow and Ball Pigeon
This was my very first furniture makeover. I was really nervous. Far too nervous to think of picking up my camera, I realised after the deed was done!
Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue paint
It needed stripping to get the waxed finish off - this was just a case of brushing the stripper on and then wiping off after ten minutes - sanding and priming (leave to dry...) and sanding and painting  (leave to dry...) and sanding and painting on the final coat.

Not rocket science but I think it's the thinking up of the idea that counts.... :-)

The sanding between coats is so important. It makes a huge difference to the quality of the end finish.

No little bumps.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon painted furniture

What a palaver! But it gave me JUST what I was looking for. We used Farrow and Ball Pigeon, which I LOVE!

Farrow and Ball Pigeon paint
The quality of Farrow and Ball paint colours is incredible. Deep and intese yet chalky and subtle.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon satin paint

I love the industrial feel to the new handles.

We took the old ones off and screwed these ones on in their place, after filling in the old holes, before we painted.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon brass cup handles

As well as screwing them in, I glued them down with Gorilla Glue to allow for pulling them open at awkward angles. I wanted a super-strong finish.

 Even King Kong couldn't get these babies off now.

I love the roomy drawers: perfect for all my magazines and books and hair clips and letters..... oh, and Mr Modern Country has part of one drawer.

He doesn't have many hair clips, you see...

It's got a good sized-top for putting lovely things on.

Here's the foolishly-pre-bought-but still-very-lovely-candlestick lamp.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue paint

All that faffing about with paintbrushes was worth it in the end.


Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue paint

Do you know this book: Blogging For Bliss? It's FAB! I'm going to do a book review on Monday.

I think you'll LOVE it!

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue paint 

I want to say a BIG thank you to Brenda at Cozy Little Housee for giving me a lift on her very comfy Welcome Wagon.

This how she describes Modern Country Style:

Modern Country Style is Sarah's blog. She lives in the United Kingdom. Her blog is all about renovating her Edwardian home. Naturally, she loves Modern Country style! She has a keen interest in pared-back interiors,  infused with the warmth of country. Gentle grays, accents of red, and a hint of industrial.

Isn't that just spot-on? If I could make up how I'd like my style to be described that would be it!!

Thank you!

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue bedroom paint

Did I say, I LOVE this colour?

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue bedroom paint

The colour was the most important thing to get right. I am a crazy lady when it comes to paint choice.

I just can't rest until I've found the P.E.R.F.E.C.T colour.

The colour I chose might not be perfect for everyone - in fact, I rather hope it isn't - but it's COMPLETELY my cup of tea.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue Country bedroom

I wanted it to go perfectly with the wall colour. I spent aaaaages looking at paint samples.

Many happy hours....

Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue bedroom paint

It's one of those colours I can just staaaaaaaare at for ages.

Paint for bedroom Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue

  What do you think?

Perfect paint colour color for bedroom Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Farrow and Ball Light Blue

Paint Case Study coming right up......

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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Vintage Suitcase: Modern Country Style

So...where were we before I so rudely had to dash away yesterday...? I'm sorry to keep breaking up our lovely chats. Thank you for waiting so patiently for me.

That's right.....vintage suitcases.

Did you like my li'l homage to these beauties? Weren't there some amazing uses for upcycling? I love the idea of giving new life to old pieces. LOVE. L.O.V.E. Really, reeeeally like this idea. Taking the best of really well-made things that have bags of character and giving them a whole new function for today's life. It's a huge part of what Modern Country Style is about......what my style is about.....

I have my mother's old suitcase and, instead of keeping it with the other more modern suitcases that we have in the attic, I like to keep this one at the end of our bed.

I love the old, battered leather against the soft glow of the mahogany.

I only like using vintage items if they have a real function for our family life NOW. I don't just like vintage for vintage's sake. It has to have function AND beauty to earn it's keep.

Yes, I'm a hard task-master. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen is my house mantra.

I use this suitcase for storage. What did I tell you? Function AND beauty...

I wanted a place to keep winter bedding in the summer, summer bedding in the winter, spring bedding in the....oh, you get it?!

You want me to stop going on and show you inside?

I can't believe you guys sometimes!

Alright, just this once....

See? This is our summer throw....

Vintage Suitcase. Two words....but don't they conjure up such glamorous images?


I really struggled to get the right bedside table for our...errr...bedside. After looking and looking, I decided to paint my own. Yes, shock, horror, I finally tackled a paint project!!

I'll share all the gory details with you next time...

I'm linking to parties in my sidebar...

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

My Haven

This room has had a drastic transformation. It was a complete mess when we moved here. Not one but two hideous borders....Orange pine shelves.... Holes in the wall. And how did broken glass get in *there*?

You want a closer look? Really?

And another....? Are you sure?

I knew I wanted an Attic-Chic look up here (yes, I made that up!) so after lots of (very enjoyable) planning and designing and painting and building and sweeping out broken glass (?!) and knocking down bits of wall and building other bits back's how it is now: My Haven!

I love coming here to soft and snuggly.....(ahem....I made that cushion....)...

...being here lets me to unwind and relax....

Or to snooze....

At the end of a long day, I climb up our stairs and turn the corner into our room.....

....and I know that this is what's waiting for me.....

I love to curl up with a good book.......

...or my favourite magazine....

And just be me!

To me, it's the best place on earth.

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