Monday, 4 October 2010

Tutorial: Vintage-Style Button Heart Piped Cushion final installment!!!

Look at what I made!! Yippee!

Welcome to the final part of the tutorial for this Modern Country Cushion. It's time to put all the pieces together! This is the best bit, I think. You're so near the end! So exciting! So close to seeing the final result!

Step 1

Put your front piece of your cushion on top of back piece,  pretty sides facing each other.

See? How easy can it be?

Step 2

Remember your piping that you unpicked from the sofa seat cushion? Now is it's chance to shine! You don't need to make your own, which isn't hard, exactly, just time-consuming. You can just use this pre-prepared piping (try saying that five times fast!).

See the piping cord encased in the same material? Saves a LOT of work!

Lay it around the outside of the square, one inch/2.5cm in from the edge,with the rounded part of the piping facing inwards, towards to centre of the square.

Pin through the top layer, piping and bottom layer.
 Pin in place, again one inch/2.5 cm in from the edge, all the way around.....
...and repeat....

....until it looks like this:

See the bump of the piping under the top layer?

Step 3

Carefully sew around the edge of the square over your pins. I used the zipper foot on my sewing machine as you really need to sew as close as you possibly can to the enclosed piping cord to give you a neat finish. Turn the right way around.

This is why you need to sew close to the piping. Otherwise you get a nasty gap here.

Step 4

If the corners aren't lying comfortably, trim a little of the seam allowance on the inside to reduce bulk

   Step 5

Do a little song and dance around the room and show everybody you know and, hey, why not some poeple you don' t know, your lovely new Modern Country cushion!!

The gorgeous button-y front

The equally gorgeous button-y back

 A Final Note:

I could not believe my ears when some of you said that you're nervous of your sewing machines. You are Super Women! You do so much other stuff.....sanding down endless pieces of furniture, making your homes look gorgeous, wielding power tools (yes, I'm talking to you ;-) ). There's nothing to be nervous of......really! It's only practice which brings confidence, not some secret skill. I'm by no means a trained seamstress. I didn't learn at my mother's knee. It really is just practice.If it goes wrong, you can just unpick and redo. No big deal.

I've got just the place for this Modern Country Cushion, now the nights are drawing in. All will be revealed shortly.

{So, tell me, when was the last time you used a sewing machine? What did you make? Were you pleased with it? Do let me know.}


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michelle said...

That turned out so cute!!! I love it! I have to say that the last time I used my sewing machine was to sew a straight hem for a curtain. I do have material to make a pillow though!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Well done you, it looks super duper! Love your tutorials, your're so encouraging! Last time I used a sewing machine was to make a rabbit shaped cushion (don't laugh) which I featured on my blog. Not the world's greatest - I think I may stick to the traditional 4 sided cushion in future!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, these comments are sounding far closer to the sound of sewing machines whirring. I can tell you're thinking about it, aren't you? Eh?

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. Now I just have to photograph the cushion in it's brand new home!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~LOVE IT!! Turned out really pretty~*~*Hugs, Rachel ~*

coastal village life said...

Fab cushion! Your tutorials are great. I don't even know if we have our sewing machine here or if it's still packed up in my Granny's garage. I must find out! Have you got any tips on making a fabric covered noticeboard?! Can't wait to see cushion in it's new home.

Tricia said...

Your cushion turned out so cute. I loved your tutorial. The last thing I made with my sewing machine was either a pillow or a purse, I can't remember which.

mydolly said...

Great tutorial!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Ooooh, Michelle, you've made my day! Fabric covered notice boards? I do believe I have a few hints and tips tucked up my crafty sleeve!!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Thank you, Dolly. I'm so pleased you liked it!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Thanks, Tricia.Could it have been a pillow purse? Or a purse pillow?I could imagine both to be very useful.....

Ness Lockyer said...

Looks great and your tutorial was fab! So nice to make your own soft furnishings.
Ness xx

Anonymous said...

I really like your excellent "tutorial" style, Sarah. You have a very easy and relaxed, yet simple to follow,and encouraging, method of explaining what needs doing to achieve the required finished article. Lovely. - Angela

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Thank you, Angela. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Thank you, Ness. Extremely valued praise coming from you. :-)

coastal village life said...

I look forward to a future tutorial for a fabric noticeboard!! Michelle

coastal village life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Its So Very Cheri said...

Very cute. Great tutorial.

Thanks for posting and I hope you have a great weekend.


Brandi said...

great job on the piping! i would love to be able to conquer that one! thank-you for the heads up about Janell's blog! I always appreciate your comments! you always make my day! hope you are having a wonderful day. ps... how are the kittens?

Kitty Deschanel said...

This is so beautiful! It looks like an expensive pillow from Pottery Barn. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by & post this on Not "Baaad" Sundays with LambAround. The Linky should be up this evening :)

Cindy said...

You did a beautiful job on that pillow. The last thing I sewed on my machine was a dress that is about half finished. I'm afraid it doesn't fit me, I need to lose six pounds, then I will finish it.
But, you are right, there is nothing to be nervous or afraid of, just get the machine out and sew and soon you will be sewing beautifully! Practice makes almost perfect!

Megan Gunyan said...

This is awesome! I love it. Your sewing skills are pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

great tutorial and I love the buttons. I also like the suggestion of using the zipper foot for the piping. I will be making some things with piping in the next few months and this is a helpful tip.

I'm stopping over from It's So Very Cheri.

Jenn said...

Great tutorial and very pretty pillow! Visiting from ISVC :-) Jenn from

Debra@CommonGround said...

Great post, love that cushion, the buttons are so sweet! Thanks for joining in for VIF!

Terrell said...

You're super creative!! I love this! Way to go, girly! I'm so excited to be your newest follower of your delightful blog and I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Be sure to link up your sweet creations at my weekly link party, every Friday! Hope to see you there!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Tony said...

That's super cute! I love your style. Thanks for the tutorial!


Shaunna said...

This is so adorable and I'm SO impressed with sewing projects since I can't sew a lick. Thanks so much for linking this up! -shaunna :)

Tara said...

Very cute! I'm your newest follower. Please stop by when you can!

Erin said...

Well talk about irony! First I love your pillow, it is gorgeous, yet simple:) Second, the last time I used a sewing machine wasn't good, and it somehow got lost?(at least as far as the man knows-it's still in this world somewhere). But I still have my sewing stand, so I reckon I could give it a go? But you probably don't want to be responsible for any deaths, so I'll just admire yours Sarah! Thanks for stopping over to check it out:)

Blondie's Journal said...

The pillow is fabulous!! I so wish I could sew. And when I learn, I will come back to your super tutorial!


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Your pillow is just beautiful! I love the fabric choice and the darling accents! I used to sew much more than I do now...I know that putting the cording in can be difficult to do- for me anyway! LOL! I recently just sewed those kitchen towels into pillows for my bed-but I do have a couple of projects in mind! Thanks so much for joining Feathered Nest Friday and sharing this great pillow and tutorial!! :)

{oc cottage} said...

Just fabulous!

m ^..^

Unknown said...

I love your heart pillow, Sarah! Thanks so much for linking it up to air your laundry Friday. Hope to see you again tonight, sweetie.


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is stunning, Sarah, and I can't wait to make one for myself. Really beautiful.

WobiSobi said...

I Love this Pillow. I can't wait to make one.

kraplap said...

great pillow and fantastic tutorial ! Blogged about it on BUTTON WEDNESDAY: . Enjoy !

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