Thursday, 5 November 2015

Country-Whites Georgian House Tour

Here's another beautiful example of a Georgian house and interior but this home tour has leans more to the Country end of Modern Country....

I love the soft grey green of the front door...try Farrow and Ball French Gray for a similar look.

Look at the wood burner! We have a very similar one in our new home!

See the large sash windows...
{We'll come to the subject of draughtiness all in good time!!}

The attention to period details...

...without needing to be a slave to the Georgian look, are what give this home its wow-factor.

The fireplaces...

...the sinuous elegance of the bannisters...

Can you spot a theme emerging?
These are all features of beautifully maintained Georgian homes.

I prefer a little more colour, I have to say. Do you agree? 
Nothing garish, mind you, but a harmonious palette running throughout the house.
{We'll be looking at how straight-forward it can be to pull that off, shortly}

But before we go on any further with Georgian gorgeousness, I have to ask you this: have you been watching Simply Nigella? I've been devouring her new book! And, most definitely YES, there will be a review coming up pronto!

Images via: Ideal Home

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Meera said...

That wood burner is amazing! Can't wait to see yours!

Historic Homes of Cape Cod said...

Beautiful rooms. I love the painted floors. All white looks so pretty in the photos, but in person, I have found that I prefer soft colours.

Anonymous said...

Yes, utterly gorgeous, although, like you, I prefer a little more colour. That's just down to personal taste though, and the 'bones' of this house are wonderful.

Unknown said...

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Home Insights said...

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