Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Modern Country Style blog love: Room Seventeen

I've just stumbled on a new blog - well, new to me anyway - and it's perfection! You know how it is when you see blog link after blog link and then one of them REALLY leaps out at you. That was this one for me. It's called Room Seventeen.

It's a Dutch blog but thanks to the wonders of Mr Google, it can be translated reasonably well in a twinkling of an eye. Magic, isn't it. I could just stare at these photos all day, couldn't you? The colours (or lack of!!), the texture, the way the rooms are styled. Ooooooh!

I love the branches in the rough urn and the dark, brooding walls, contrasting with the cosy armchair, complete with cushion. Who wouldn't want to sit there and pass the afternoon away reading by the light of the lamp?

Room Seventeen has a mixture of inspirational posts and privileged peeks into the author's life and home. My favourite kind of blog. There's not too little inspirational material that it feels like a diary and not too little 'real life' posts that it feels impersonal.

The content is generally plain, elegant and simple. All in a good way. In fact, 'plain and simple' probably undersells the care and attention to detail in these photos. Beautifully put together, they encompass all that's lovely about Modern Country Style.

Chrome lamps with wicker shades. How original is that? Complete clash of old and new. And pulled off so stylishly.

Thank you so much for stopping by at Modern Country Style. Please have a good snoop around and don't forget to let me know what you think!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments recently. Can you hear my heart skip?!

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Tricia said...

Oh...I love this. I like things neutral and simple. Just my style :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, i know this blog (live in Holland also) but these are NOT photo's from her home!! But she puts photo's on het blog that inspire her and the interiors are from someone else....most of the photo's you've shown are from Lonneke Jagers

pakistani matrimonial rishta said...

really this saem my choice very simple and very nice

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