Monday, 20 September 2010

Modern Country Kitchen accessories

I'll start off with some Thank Yous, if I may. A rather formal start, I know, but nothing wrong with a bit of formality where formality's due.

First of all, a big thank you to those of you who are taking the time to comment and follow Modern Country Style. I know I always say this but it does mean so much when someone I've never met wants to see what I've been doing and, more to the point, LIKES it and then follows in anticipation of what's coming next!

I'm so happy to see the Followers numbers rising. Thank you especially to the new followers for letting me know that you've followed. It means the whole writing thang takes on new meaning. It's more like writing to friends. Having a good old natter. And there's few things I like more than a good old natter with my pals. Don't you agree? If you do, then please will you Follow too? Just click on that there button to your right.

Thank you very much to Tattertots and Jello for picking out Modern Country Style from the Weekend Wrapup party. I'm over the moon to have my Modern Country Kitchen post up there in BIG. Where else but blogland would you get praise from a (very kind) stranger for how you've painted your kitchen?

And lastly, thank you to Mrs Sutton for tagging me. I will get on with replying...honest!

So now that the formalities are over, let's get back to the kitchen. I said in my last post that I always like to hold back from putting out all the things that complete the room I've done up until the room is One. Hundred. Per. Cent. completed (no cheating, mind...yes, Mrs Modern Country, I'm talking to you.....I am prone to a bit of cheating, it's true).

You might have spotted a few bits and bobs on Friday's kitchen reveal but I wanted to show you close up now we're such firm friends. I've tried to use pops of red throughout the kitchen. I love the combination of the Farrow andBall Blue Grey with red. So Modern Country!!

I hope you've enjoyed this lengthy snoop around my new kitchen. Isn't snooping lovely?! I love a good lazy nose around other people's blogs, don't you?!

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cindy @ cottage instincts said...

I'm beginning to add some red to my grey blues too....I do it every year about this time in preparation for the holidays. I want lots of red and blue this year!

And I totally want that red scale.

Belinda said...

We share the same door handles. Hadda say! x

The Cloth Shed said...

You can't beat a bit of red in a room...
Julie x

michelle said...

What great accessories! I love the scale and all the splashes of red! Very pretty!

Mrs. Sutton said...

ooohhh - LOVE your basket and your glass utensils jar! Thanks for letting us have a snoop - I agree, it's one of my favourite things about blogs - like visiting a friend! xx
p.s. no worries about the Q&A's - in your own time!

Capital Barbie said...

Thanks so much for following my blog! I just love comments!

Little Leslie said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for finding me. I love your redo. And your thoughts about followers and their comments are exactly how I feel, but you are far more eloquent at expressing them.

The open shelves with those jars are extremely photogenic. What a great look! Take care, have a good week!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh you have a lovely decor style. I love that door handle and the Farrow and Ball Blue Grey with red oil jar!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. Just hearing you talk about your swing in the back of your garden where you get some alone time to stop and pray, had me wishing I were there.

It's so nice to meet you!

Lee Ann

It's me said...

Wowwwwww.what a lot of beaqutiful things you show us today !!! i love your post.....happy new Ria..

Lindy said...

So many cute things. Love the back door handle, the oil bottle, the unbelievable reno. Awesome. I'm a new follower!

Claire said...

I think I am going to have to enter you into a "heart-off" with my friend in Warborough! Just which of you does have the most hearts in your kitchen?!!

I love hearts too but Jim won't allow...finds them sickly he says. Silly man. That's why I put a picture of a bum on his Valentine's card.

Olive Cooper said...

You do have bits of eye catching red all around. Well done.

Razmataz said...

I do love that retro inspired scales. And the peek of red on the Emma Bridgewater pottery.

Susanne said...

What a cute little scale. Love your door hardware.

Marlis said...

Love your pops of red. It really makes a place come to life.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Love it!
another friday's favorite for
sure :-)

Michelle said...

Love love love that doorknob! It just looks sooooooo hmmm, kitcheny!

jennoreilly said...

that couple statue is quite enjoyable indeed! Lovely!

Here from tidymom, have a great weekend!

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