Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dark and Sultry in the Kitchen plus Linky Party Idea...

Before I completely write off the idea of a darker look in *my* kitchen, I wanted to show you that, providing you have masses of natural light pouring into your room, dark and sultry really can work in the kitchen.

What I love about Modern Country Interiors is that there's such an eclectic mix of opportunity. 

A Modern Country kitchen is *not* a look that's has to be fiercely prescriptive. There's plenty of room for you to make it your own.

{And if that means a dark and sultry then this post is for you, baby cheeks.}

Ooooh, news flash, news flash....

I met up with Laura from Happy Homemaker UK yesterday. This is she:

Grab a cup of tea and join me in my journey as an American expat mom living near London. I'm passionate about my family, eclectic vintage design, and a good story. But not much of a speller-er.

I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was beforehand. Well, alright, I can. Very, very, very, extremely, humungously. Soooooo nervous.

We had lunch together at a funny little cafe halfway between where we both live. We sat and chatted and nattered and chattered so easily. Just like I'd love to do with so many of you. I could hardly believe we hadn't met before.

She's gorgeously lovely and I'm guesting over at her blog today.

Now then, I have an idea to put to you.

Modern Country Style is all about Inspiration, Creation and Renovation, right?

 See up there on my blog header?

One of the frustrations that I've had with link parties is that, although there are loads of parties for crafts and house makeovers, there are none, as far as I know, for linking up fantastic Inspiration posts.

There are sooooo many amazing blogs out there that post awesomely inspiring images, and I don't think they get the exposure they deserve.
So, here at Modern Country Style, I was thinking I'd like to begin an Inspiration Linky Party.

Starting next week. For a trial run.

Are you in?

{Hint: Feedback encouraged. ;-) }

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Custom Comforts said...

Count me in! Beautiful post Sarah!

Brandi said...

neat idea for a link party Sarah! So nice that you got to enjoy lunch with a blogging buddy!

Michelle said...

I don't do many (ok, any) inspiration posts HERE but I have them ready and available so I think it's a great idea :)

Cindy said...

Hi Sarah,
I think it's a great idea! Count me in.
I love chalkboard/black walls, the dark and sultry kitchens are lovely, but like you pointed out, it would need to get lots of natural light.
Be sure to make a button and we can put it on our sidebars.
Hugs, Cindy

Designing Domesticity said...

Sounds great! I'd love to join in. liz

American in Bath said...

I'm in!

I never would have thought that dark would look so good, but I wouldn't have painted walls violet either! I love chalkboard walls, but I think I'd actually put in dry erase board walls (what do you call dry erase boards here?) I wonder if I would get more down if I had a giant wall reminding me?

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Great idea for a blog party. I can appreciate the beauty of some of these dark kitchens, but it's not for me. We currently live in a townhouse, so we have only a few windows, except in the sunroom (2 walls of windows). When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, we added as much light as possible.

LindyLouMac said...

A whole wall of blackboard what a brilliant idea. We used to have a blackboard in the kitchen when our children were little and it was used so much it was never big enough!

Baker and Baker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Baker and Baker said...

Finally a black board big enough for my to do list! Some lovely ideas here :)

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

I love the idea! It would be so great to have one place to "stop and shop" for inspiration

Jennifer said...

I love your link party idea! Maybe once it is kicked off and established you could do a themed link up- kitchen inspiration, neutral colors, outdoors, etc. I have a big file of inspiration, id link up for sure!

Unknown said...

I love that farmhouse kitchen with the different colored chairs. It is amazing! Love your idea for the link party.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!
I just came across your blog and have loved every minute looking through all your beautiful and inspiring posts! Everything about it is just gorgeous ~
this is a great idea for a party...I love to find new blogs and read about the talented and fabulous people behind them.

Have a beautiful day!
Sarah xo

Roeshel said...

Sarah - it's sounds like a very fun and interesting party! I only feature DIY and won't be able to participate but I'd still LOVE to mingle and meet those who do attend! :)

I love stopping by here to see all of the lovely inspiration you find and share!


Ruth said...

I cannot wait till next week!

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to see many beautiful photos!

Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors said...

Fun! I love that idea! And I love that second kitchen with the crazy sideboard.

Doda said...

I'm in. Glad the meet up went so well. I'm meeting a bloggy friend soon too- hope it goes as well!

Young Adventures... said...

I don't really do inspiration posts, but I think there are many people that do. It's a great idea Sarah. I will check it out for sure. I love all the inspiration you post. The red fridge is incredible.

Luciane at said...

Hello, sweetie!

Of course I'm in! :-)

I'm going to check your post now... BTW I love the 3rd picture! Stunning, huh?

Thank you for your comments, sweetie... thank you for taking the time to visit me. I appreciate it so much!

Have a lovely day!


Luciane at

Anonymous said...

I'll check out your guest post next! Your theme is a great idea. I'm always surprised where I find inspiration. It's usually not from room compositions themselves as much as from singular pieces or the combined use of furniture, jewelry, textiles, pottery, art or artifacts. So it would be wonderful to see a big collection of creativity all at once!

At The Picket Fence said...

Dark and sultry in the kitchen, huh? This post could have gone an entirely different way my friend! :-) Glad to see it is about color choices though! What you said about light is so true because we have very dark cabinets and very dark granite counters but our kitchen has 2 huge skylights and lots of nature light coming in so it doesn't feel dark even though it is "dark". I think your linky party idea is spot on sister! :-)

Meera @ firstsense said...

I'm in I'm in! :) It's a fantastic idea!

Gorgeous images Sarah! I've always loved the idea of blackboard walls so love the first image, and the second with the GIANT CLOCK and distressed 60s style sideboard - so lovely!


Unknown said...

Love to look at the pics...dangerous because I get ideas ...already kickin around shared boy/girl bedroom ideas in my head for my kidlets from photos so I'd be in for sure!!! And I have a blackboard wall in my kitchen *love* it! Calendar for me play for kiddos....

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Fabulous idea
I'm in
not a fan of the dark kitchen yet.....

Magali @ The Little White House said...

I'm in! Except, I won't be home next week... But, my parents have a computer, so even if I don't link something, I will be stealing ideas from everybody else... I'm so ashamed... Wait a sec'... I'm not even ashamed!!!

michele said...

of course i'm in.

dude! these kitchens you've highlighted are SEXY. it's morning, Sarah! are you kidding me? i feel like they should be viewed after dark with candlelight and a good Pinot Noir.

i'm off to paint the backsplash in my butler's pantry a nice sultry BLACK. i don't think i'm making this up.

have a lovely day, beautiful blogger.


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love the pics, especially the 2nd one. Am particularly drawn to the giraffe head and the distressed set of drawers.

I'm not keen on blackboard walls. I think, dare I say from the Queen of messy (and clutter) that they look a bit, well, um messy.

Yes, good idea re your linky party. Not sure, though, if I'm particularly inspiring though!

Karena said...

Sarah, such an amazing post. I love all of the images and will go and see your guest post!!

Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Hi baby cheeks!

There is something very mysterious and warm about dark kitchens. I like the chalkboard wall and pops of red in the first photo. Very cool!

Happy to hear that you met a fellow blog mate. How fun is that? I would be very very nervous too. You don't know one anothers voices, etc. I hope you two had a lot of fun! I'd love to meet up with you someday. That would mean a trip to England... weeeeee :)

Well, I like your idea for a link party so the wheels will be turning.

Just got back from visiting/breakfast with my pops. Desperately need to clean my house.

Take care sweets! xo ~M

michelle said...

Love the kitchens, dark and sultry sounds so romantic! What a great day for you, I am so happy that you got to meet up with a bloggy buddy! I love the idea that you have, I need inspiration pictures and I think it would be fun!! You clever girl you! ;)

High Street Cottage said...

Sarah what fun to meet one of your blogging mates! I think it would be so awesome to meet you, and I would be the nervous one! There are so many wonderful ladies from the UK who blog, as well as all over the world. A wonderful idea on the link party. I had so much fun with your English Garden Party. xoxo tami

Mary Ann Pickett said...

The Link party sounds great. I have limited skills in the craft area and always feel a bit left out. This was a really fun post. For a client with a huge sunny kitchen, we painted all her cabinets looked great.
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Well that kitchen with the dark black/grey walls with the white trim around the windows got me...oooh lala.

I always like ideas. I think that would be great!

Unknown said...

The kitchen with the brick wall and clock is my absolute favorite out of all of them. I love your idea for an inspiration party, after all, we all get inspiration from one thing or another. Awesome idea! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I have been thinking of doing a post of the flower growers/floral artists that have inspired me to start Wild Acre for an age, would that count, it has nothing to do with interiors, but lots about gardens I suppose?? I love the idea of a blog fountain of inspiration! Bx

It's me said...

In our first home we have a black kitchen.....than a green one and now a creamy white with black and white tiles zinc......have a nice evening love love

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love the kitchen with the linen tablecloth and different color chairs... gorgeous! I think your link party idea is fabulous. I would love to pop over and get inspired!

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

I love your guest post. You ladies must have had such a good time chatting...I can just see you now :)

The inspiration linky party is an interesting idea. I don't often do inspiration posts just because I'm not that good at swiping pics off of other sites. I enjoy reading inspiration posts though!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

That is so cool Sarah that you met up with her!! There are so many of you blog friends I would LOVE to meet!;) Love your ideas too~ xo Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Carla @ Hammers and High Heels said...

Count me in Sarah! I love inspiration posts, they are open to interpretation, anyone can come up with their own idea based on images. Love it!

Holly said...

I don't usually do inspiration posts, but it's fun to read them, and I think it is a unique idea for a linky party. You should totally do it!

Stina said...

Just lovely!:-)
Hug Stina

bibbitybob said...

I'm in :) x

Unknown said...

Love the black kitchen inspiration photos, sexy x 10!!!

I'm in for the linky party even though honest to god, I've been reading blogs for YEARS but I have no idea how it works or what you have to do...detailed instructions may be necessary for me to participate.

Also? Totally jealous you got to meet up with a fellow UK blogger! Of course you'd be nervous but how incredibly cool!! Ok, off to check out your guest post now xxx

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

I'm in although i need instructions too!

Loving the dark walls - i'm doing navy in our study! Its gonna look fab! (even though people keep saying its too dark - GRR!) xo

Claudia Lane said...

Sarah the second image is just perfect, love it...and it's now in my kitchen file!.. thank u very much :))

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, I could
be in, baby...
Just let me
know WHEN so
I can plan ahead!!
And as I told
Laura, I will be
coming to London
sometime in the
next year and
I would LOVE to
meet up with both
of you for tea!!!
Talk about nattering : )
Big hugs,
xx Suzanne

Tricia said...

Hi Sarah! How fun to meet up with a fellow blogger. I would be kind of nervous too.

I think an inspiration post link up is a great idea. Maybe you could give each week a theme like kids' rooms or fireplaces or something :)

Travel With Lulu said...

Oh, Sarah, it was such a treat to meet you - what a great day!! Lovely post, as always :) I'm always game for whatever linkup you have going. Enjoy the rest of your week!! XOL

Melissa said...

yes brilliant idea....
and am in love with all the kitchens style ....tee hee...i need a little of them all!
love your encouragement always sarah!

melissa xx

P.S i bet you two didn't stop talking all delicious!!


As I said last week, your name keeps popping up all over. And now I find you on Laura's blog. How fun. I met her through the Blogging Your Way e.course we took last year.

I am meeting up this month with my first blog friend . . . I won't be as nervous now after hearing of your wonderful experience.


Rachel Rose Mercantile said...

Hi Sarah,I love the dark and sultry kitchen. Red & Black ...yeah! Can't wait for the party link. You so motivate me! By the way, I am an Operations Manager for a Construction Co here in lovely San Diego,CA. I am taking the real estate classes to branch the Company to another level.I love your blog it's full of wonderful ideas and treats. Yeah you!

On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely post today! So glad you met a fellow blogger! What fun! Not sure about the IMAGE linky party? I'll drop by for a "look see". Have a great week!

Lila said...

How fun to meet a fellow Blogger. Link parties are fun but I hate it when people just follow hoping to get a follow back. Otherwise they are great way to find other blogs that you might have missed.

Robynne's Nest said...

I think the linky party would be a great idea. So far I have only posted my own photos, but I have a box full of inspirational 'tear outs' and a bookcase groaning with recent interior mags. So if I can work out how to scan some of these images...I would be in it 'boots and all'...also, I'm jealous that you caught up with Laura...something I would love to do...would love to do the same with you...perhaps we could all meet some day in London for a coffee and a chat? Robx

Le said...

love that third pick because of the mobile - am a complete sucker for a great mobile !!! you just don't see them around much except in kids rooms ... ahhh .. and yes great idea :) best le xox

Carla @ Hammers and High Heels said...

Love all the images, I want a room in my house to be 'sultry' just sounds fun! Love that chalkboard wall too! PS- if you are interested I called you out for the Versatile Blogger Award, check out our latest post if you'd like, lots of linking up to do though! So if you ignore no biggie. I'm guessing someone else already asked you about it :)

Anonymous said...

Love all of the dark walls!

Lexi @

elena nuez said...

Sarah, dear friend such a good taste!!!
I love modern country style!!!
thank you and thank you and thank you

Alison Agnew said...

love the chalky wall in the first photo...and amazingly, most of those 'dark' spaces seem filled with light.

love the linky idea and you can bet your sweet bippy i'll be joining up!


stuff and nonsense

bj said...

I featured a blogger yesterday and more today on my post. Come see the kitchen that I would trade my husband for!! :)))

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