Monday, 29 October 2012

Leather Seating: Yes or No?

Last weekend, we had a little mooch around gorgeous interiors emporium. And a Leather-Chair-Like-No-Other caught my Modern Country eye. I very nearly snapped it up but then something stopped me.

You see, I love to snuggle right down on our fabulously squishy sofas. I imagine leather might not feel as welcoming to flop into.

{And, I'll be honest, I'm haunted by the smell of my dad's leather car seat on hot days. Stifling.}

However, the look of them is altogether heavenly. I'd choose mine in rich but slightly shabbied brown; worn and soft.

So, please will you answer me this
{and be my best friend forever}...

Are leather chairs as comfy as they are stylish?

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Jess said...

Great timing! We just bought a craigslist ZGallerie leather recliner and I'm totally in love with it. I was a little hesitant about how the soft leather wears at first, but seeing this roundup has me totally convinced that it was the perfect blend of what our living room needs to look stylish and still be comfortable for my spouse.

Divine Theatre said...

I have two tufted leather recamier sofas (from Horchow, by way of ebay) in my family room. We also have five cats and a dog. Not only are the sofas comfortable but very forgiving! Cat hair does NOT stick to it! :)
I bought a worn leather sofa on Craigslist this Summer...just to pull off the upholstery to use for my Louis XVI kitchen chairs!
I also have a stunning Louis XVI leather chair in the Library...tattered and torn. It is a highly sought after place to read!
Good luck in your search!


Cassie Bustamante said...

i love it when it is worn in and brown and cozy!

Victoria said...

My step-mom just gave me a leather chair and ottoman that she no longer wanted and, well...basically the biggest problem I have with it is convincing myself to get my lazy butt out of it!!! I love it! I don't think they used it much so I'm hoping it ages and softens more now:) So I say go for it!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

The DO LOOK lovely.
But I've often wondered the same the thing. Living in TEXAS...the naturally HOT STATE!!! i can't bring myself to own one. Though, the Honey would love leather furniture.
I would hope it would be a nice cool, comfy place to plop; but I'm afraid not. Interested in what others say...Pat

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Ok!... loved Andie(divine theater's) answer... bought a sofa to repurpose the leather for chairs! BRILLIANT!
I've bought a leather skirt to repurpose for costumes and such... never thought of buying a couch for the fabric! But I guess with leather it would be great...usually the fabric on a used couch is the first thing to go!

love this! Pat

Shelly Wildman said...

YES! We have two in our family room, and someone is always plopped into one, leg thrown over the arm of the chair. They really ARE comfy and add a cozy feel to the room. My husband also has a leather chair in his office, and it's a favorite place for all of us to sit.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

We have several leather chairs an they are super comfy! We love them!

I really love all of the ones that you picked out!

Have a great week, Elizabeth

Connie in Hartwood said...

Leather furniture has a warmth that is hard to explain. We bought two cranberry-colored leather chairs 10-or-so years ago, and they are better today than they were when they were new. They are warm and snuggly ... it's hard to explain it unless you live with leather daily. Get GOOD leather, not the cheap stuff, and you will be really happy that you did. (You can see my chairs in this post:

Anonymous said...

Yes! Simple as that =)

Teresa said...

Yes! Every time... they won't be THAT smelly soon soon - I laughed out loud with that one, those smell can ba haunting indeed, but in furniture they wear off - and they are sturdy and comfortable. Like a warm lovely embrace. An unexpected one.

Give some try in someone else's before investing in your own.

Lovely inspirations posted. Thank you!

Bluebells and Lavender said...

Hi Sarah, we have a very large squashy leather sofa. I wanted a good looking sofa but one that was practical, that I could wipe down if necessary! I'm going to be honest, on cold days they are slightly cold, but I have a few luxurious faux fur throws to lay on the sofa, and they do also warm up as you sit on it and it's truly comfy and looks really good as well!

It's me said...

Yes yes yes !!! simple...we have two of them.....i will never miss love

Casa Très Chic said...

Oh, yes they are as comfy as they look, and sooo gorgeous!
Have a blessed new week.

Blondie's Journal said...

I was never a fan of leather until I came across pictures of it looking warm and timeless. Then, we stayed at a B&B and there was a leather sofa in our room on which I took a little nap. It was heavenly! Very soft and cozy! Go for it, Sarah!



Dave loves leather, so it is in his office. Works perfect for me.

Pamela Gordon said...

I think it depends on the quality of the leather and the stuffing as to whether it will be comfortable. Our daughter had a leather sofa but the leather was so stiff and therefore uncomfortable. Good quality will soften with age and wear and be quite comfy. Leather is cold when you first sit on it but it warms up once it's sat on. Good luck!

Connie @ Sensible-Redesign said...

Leather is comfy as in soft and nice to sink into but cold in winter so I have to sit on a blanket and is cool in the summer but soon enough you are sticking to it so towel or blanket again....Just saying I have a leather couch and a fabric couch and I will pick the fabric one to sit on every time.

michele said...

i'm with you on craving the comfort of upholstery, but i can say that leather is awfully comfy. (it's just that i like a cozy throw around me when i sit on it). with all these men, you can imagine we have leather. my fav is 2 chocolate club chairs in my husband's office. handsome!


Meraki said...

We have a leather couch and chair set but ours have been passed down 2x so its worn and have been patina'd, I love them and i was concerned about sticking to ours but leather breaths its not plastic so its not as sticky as you would think at least not ours. I recommend leather! Plus I think ours is Italian leather so :D

Cathy said...

Yes. They are comfy. We live in Arkansas where it is sticky and hot much of the time and leather doesn't stick to skin or feel too hot. Real leather, that is. Vinyl is hot, sticky and icky. Ditto for the faux leathers they try to pass of as real in the states. (Bonded Leather, etc.) I think you have to choose leather by feel. Some are hard, shinny and slick and some are soft as butter. Also, sticky children's everything wipe right up. said...

My daddy has leather sofas and they are really soft and squishy and comfy. Keep us posted on your decision. Hugs

Thoughts for the day said...

NO. they seem cold and even if it is the BEST leather, it is still not soft fabric.

Lydia said...

Leather real leather that is, gets better with age It is best in temperate climates and should have comforters nearby.

Travel With Lulu said...

Yes! We have an old-looking leather chair. No one ever sits in it, but it definitely serves a purpose of cozifying (yes, that's a real word, promise) the room :)

Helen Samuels said...

Yes!! Plus they add a gorgeous texture to the room. We have a leather club chair next to the old range in our living room, together with a gorgeously comfy muted sage-green sofa. Both are extremely comfy to sit on!

Lucy said...

My gran had a big leather sofa when I was little ... we all loved it, but it was cold to sit on in winter, and so very slippery .... we used to drive the adults crazy when we got together with the cousins and there was a horde of children diving on and off the sofa like it was an indoor slide (but it was a great game).

Amy Kinser said...

We have a brown leather sofa and loveseat that are both totally comfortable. We LOVE ours and can't imagine not having them. I can cuddle right into them. 100 percent recommend...

Cindy said...

Some are very comfy, I've loved the ones that I've sat in. It's cold in the winter time, though.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Our leather recliners are very comfortable. Hubby had to have his recliner. His old one is in one room and his present one is in the family room.

bj said...

I have two, large leather sofas that, if they can dig my grave large enuf, I am taking them with me.
Oh, so comfy and oh so pretty.
My hubs has a leather recliner that he also requested to be buried in, with him sitting upright (tied in, I suppose).
In other words, we LOVE our leather...and you will, too. And, as you already know, the older the pieces get, the better they look.
xoxo bj

Heaven's Walk said...

I was never a big fan of leather...until I saw Tausha's (Simply Me blog). Even though her entire home is shabby chic romantic prairie, the leather sofa she has in her living room "grounds" the room and looks fabulous with all of her white and faded floral pillows. I love it! Someday, I will have one. Then I won't have to keep washing the white slip on my current sofa - due to a hubby who isn't quite as neat as I am. lol!

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

Oooh yes yes yes!! Big brown broken in squashy brown leather - love the look of it too! Wish I could weigh in but I don't actually have any in my home ;)

I do kinda lust after this one though:

Gah! I die.

No where to put it however.

I could imagine that because leather is so incredibly forgiving and breaks in so easily, it'll be a bit like a pair of leather boots that you've had forever. Think how supremely COMFY they are. Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout. Yum.

Do it!


The Moerks said...

Sarah leather is soft and squishy, easy to clean and very comfy.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

My parents have a leather sofa and I hate it: it's too cold for me! On the other hand I have a very fond memory of my grandfather's leather armchair... It didn't seem cold, but I guess it's because the leather was worn-out... So I say yes to old leather, no to new!

Mimi said...

I have a like/dislike thing about leather furniture, but I'm sure my dear hubby likes it.

Privet and Holly said...

We recently moved our
leather Chesterfield style
chair from our little office
to our family room. It got
little use in their, but now
I sit on it every night when
we watch TV. Honestly, I
feel that it still needs "breaking
in," but it will get there.
And, something no one
seemed to add about leather
furniture is that pillows WILL
always slide off. So, if you
are a pillow freak like me,
that might bug you a little
bit : )

If you are gonna go for leather,
try a chair, first, before a sofa!

xo Suzanne

Janine said...

We have a gold leather lounge and chairs, and they have survived us over 4 moves, 3 children, countless spills, and every time we clean them they are good as new. At some stage (probably before we retire) we will have the colour resprayed (leather always returns to a beige brown eventually.
I guess leather is really just skin. Warm skin is like leaning against a friend (a rather friendly friend). Cold skin is somewhat not so nice, but warms up fast.
Leather is also like skin in that it gets dry in winter (with the heaters) and needs some moisturiser). You also have to be careful of buckles on shoes and keys in pockets as scratches are about the only thing that ruins leather. One of our daughters also 'decorated' the entire lounge one day with a biro. In a panic I rang a lovely leather guy, who told me I had about 5 minutes to get as much as possible off with leather cleaner, and then to just clean the effected areas twice when I cleaned the rest of the lounge (no hard rubbing). Over the next couple of months, the pen marks totally dissappeared!
So, we love our leather lounge - but agree - cushions always end up on the floor.

Alison Agnew said...

i have
a vintage dark brown
leather chesterfield club chair
that i bought a few years ago
on craigslist for mere pennies

and i love love love it

the more it wears
the better it looks!


Mimi said...

Enjoying your blog for the first time. We have a leather recliner & loveseat...they both are over ten years and although broken in and comfy looking, holding up great to four kids & 2 pets!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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