Monday, 26 November 2012

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Look at this gorgeous mirror! Isn't it a beauty?
{It's from Frame Emporium}

To make your home look its very best at this time of year, it's essential to get in as much light as possible. Our dining room is dark, dark, dark but placing a large mirror opposite the French doors magically floods the room with daylight.

It's so easy to be distracted by the end-result with decorating for Christmas that you forget about getting the foundations right first. That's why I've started this series about Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas. 

Once the basics are in place, your Christmas decor will be look be able to sparkle its little socks off.

My favourite way to squeeze every last drop out of the frankly very little sunlight we get at this time of year is to use mirrors. It's extraordinary how much difference they can make to a dark room.

This mirror is by Frame Emporium, who have been manufacturing mirrors in the UK since 1970. It's absolutely stunning. Best of all, YOU could win one of your own this Wednesday!

Although Frame Emporium are based in London, if you want to see their huge range of designs in person, they also have a fantastic online shop...very useful if you're not popping-in distance.

They sell a vast mix of different mirrors but also, and this is what got my heart skipping a beat, Frame Emporium make bespoke pieces and can incorporate their antique glazing techniques, producing pieces which are designed to mimic old mercury-silvered glass.  

The process is largely done by hand to give a very organic feel to the finish, and are by far the most authentic-looking I've seen.

So tell me, would you like your very own stunner? You would? Then be sure to swing by on Wednesday when you'll have the chance to win your very own!

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Duni said...

It's gorgeous, Sarah!
And I LOVE the old Singer sewing machine :)
Have a happy week!
Duni xo

Teresa said...

I would! But it doesn't seem fair to want one being so far away when other lovely person could enjoy it much closer.
I like the light in your home. Not too bright it gives back a soothing atmosphere - one that Fairies would play all day.
Have a Wonderful Week!
T xox

Shirley said...

Beautiful mirror. Very art deco.

Stephanie said...

I'm actually headed out today to shop for a mirror for our living room. Our living room can seem so dark in the afternoons, so I'm hoping a mirror will help!

rusty duck said...

My mother had a sewing machine just like that. I wish she hadn't sold it!

I know just what you mean about light, especially in cottages. Even our south facing rooms seem oh so dark at this time of year.

Unknown said...

I'm in lurve. That mirror is the nicest I've ever, ever seen. So, so perfect. Love the lamps too XX

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Shoot! The Internet will be probably be down at The Little WHite House next Wednesday, because phase 2 of the renovation has begun (yeah!!!)... I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything can be in order by Wednesday!
I love how the mirror gives nice views of your room in your pictures!

On Crooked Creek said...

Gorgeous mirror!!!
Love not only the reflection of light from the mirror, but the variety of objects caught in the photos!!!
Pat said...

You are preaching to the choir on this one...I am addicted to mirrors. I have them all over my house. I too love all the light they reflect and the sparkle they create. I even have a stack in my garage that I need to find places for. It really might be a sickness :)

Lorrie said...

That is one gorgeous mirror. I love mirrors and the way they reflect candlelight.


I love the intentionality you have, Sarah. The lovely way you plan your home and your holidays.

Even on really cold days, we can get some good sunshine in Chicago. Much different than Seattle, which is probably more like England.

I enjoy twinkle lights in the winter, too.



Cathy (aka Catherine) and Bill (aka William) said...

Lovely mirror. And you are so right, Sarah, light makes all the difference and mirrors help to share what little we have in the winter.
Can't wait for Wednesday!

all the best

Bizzy Mum said...

Beautiful mirror! This would be perfect for my new en-suite!Will be popping by tomorrow :) x

Cindy said...

You're right, mirrors are a tremendous help. See you tomorrow!
Hugs, Cindy

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