Monday, 28 October 2013

How To Completely Transform Old Picture Frames

 I have a thing about picture frames. I find them peculiarly difficult to resist when I see them lying, unloved, in thrift stores or charity shops. 

They're spectacularly easy to transform into show-stopping pieces with a little know-how.

Step this way, please....

One tatty old frame....

However, underneath the scritches and scratches and knocks and bumps, this has good bones. Solid wood. Chunky and sturdy. Definite transformation potential.

I turned to my trusty can of Autentico Nearly Black Chalk Paint for a speedy lick of lusciousness. No sanding, priming or preparation necessary. I've painted tonnes of little bits and pieces like this, plus the desk in the study and the tin is still pleasingly full-looking. A little goes a long, long way.

With this particular piece, I wanted the gently matte sheen that comes from Autentico's Clear Wax. This is so easy to apply.

Following the clear instructions, brush the wax sparingly onto the surface of the frame, wait for the fifteen minutes it takes to dry and then buff with a brush, or cloth.

And, ta-daaaaa, this easy-peasy, cheap as chips way to utterly transform a frame from past-it to pizzazz!

The British Isles Typography print is from Rose and Grey.
Isn't it gorgeous? 
I love the detail of all the different names...
take a close-up look....

Rose and Grey stock loads of must-have quirky finds and, as quoted by The Sunday Times, 'upbeat, colourful home wares with a whiff of salvage." Yum!

This British Isles Typography poster caught my eye in an instant.

I love the sheer slate colourway but it's also available in Duck Egg.

A craft project that's good for the Modern Country soul, and for your bank balance...everyone's a winner!

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I just bought the cutest watercolour of birds with the ugliest frame... Guess I have to cross the garden to pick up the chalk paints that's in the sehd now!

Elaine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elaine said...

Ooh, you made it look spiffy in no time! I like to use a series of black frames on my walls for a uniform look.

Love the poster too. Fantastic!

Unknown said...

Looks great and has a whole brand new life of hanging out!!


Strong work, Sarah. Love the print, too. Thanks for introducing me to chalk paint. I have done two major furniture pieces and am contemplating painting a desk. (My dad made it when he was in high school.) Is that still okay? My daughters say no and I am saying yes. What think ye?

Did you survive the big storm that hit England? I was thinking of you.


Jenny Ross said...

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LindyLouMac said...

I just love what you did to the frame and the post well I may just have to get one of those. :)

chris said...

Great tips...and I adore the print you framed.

HealthTips said...

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Unknown said...

Looks great. Got a new exciting life for my old picture frames with these amazing tips.

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