Friday 13 December 2013

Book Review: Nina Campbell Interiors

Interiors by Nina Campbell isn't your typical Modern Country Style review. Yes, there are gorgeous pictures aplenty. Yes, it's a gorgeous, glossy coffee table tome. But what really marks this out is Nina Campbell's unrivalled attention to detail.

Nina Campbell is a world-renowned British Interior designer, and rightly so. Elegant, sophisticated and eminently liveable, her designs are utterly timeless.

Interiors showcases eight of Nina's most recent commissions, and takes you on full-scale tours of the completed projects, whilst the text is jam-packed with inspiration that reveals the immense care and attention given to each.

The interiors featured are from every corner of the globe and range from tiny boltholes and country homes to grand New York houses and Chinese mansions, yet all showcase Nina's unique style, and her obvious passion for creating beautiful places.

What I love most about Interiors is the attention to detail. 
No corner is left to chance. 
Everywhere you turn there is depth. 
Nina Campbell Interiors by Nina Campbell (photography by Simon Brown) is published by CICO Books and is available from 

Somehow, far from leaving you feeling daunted, this is a book that will leave you uplifted, inspired and able to draw on a whole new raft of gorgeous inspiration for your own home.

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Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

NICE POST! So light and homey!


Rather uncluttered ... which I am craving these days.


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