Friday, 6 June 2014

Loftcat Home: Modern Country Style Loves

I went to the Ideal Home Show this year, and came home very live-wired indeed about Loftcat Home, a new design company that I stumbled upon {though not literally, thank goodness. Awkward.}. A lot of the exhibits at that type of show can feel a bit samey-samey but when I first saw the Loftcat Home stand my eyes nearly popped out of my excited little head.


They sell a delicious combination of gorgeous Modern Country pieces that they've carefully sourced for their customers, and absolutely stunning pieces of furniture that they design themselves.
One word (but shouted really loudly): stunning.

Loftcat Home

It's these terrifically thought-out pieces that completely set Loftcat Home apart from other home retailers. Each item perfectly combines both Modern and Country. 

Loftcat Home

The rustic charm of the responsibly-sourced reclaimed wood is set off perfectly by the pared-back paint palette the designers have chosen for their painted pieces: muted olives, soft whites and dusted charcoals.

Loftcat Home

Their range of furniture feels very current but yet you somehow know that these are items that will last. The quality is obvious. The design is meticulous. There are no passing fancies here to fade into the mists of time.

Loftcat Home

There is also a stunning array of products, faultlessly selected by Loftcat Home, to enhance their own designs. And, oh my, I could seriously have bought the whole scrumptious lot. From the squishiest of button-backed linen-covered armchairs...

Loftcat Home these antique-silver spun iron pendant lights. Just right for injecting a little bit of industrial chic over a kitchen island.

Loftcat Home

Loftcat Home have a website, and also a pop-up showroom opening shortly in the Old Town in Stevenage, England.

Loftcat Home

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself for stumbling across such an original and thoroughly Modern Country company...what do you think?

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Elaine said...

Lovely and unique. You stumbled upon a good one!

The Cloth Shed said...

Nice Sarah... Thanks for sharing.
Off to look at those lovely lights now!
Julie x

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I love when I see furniture and can imagine it anywhere in my house. I'm loving this furniture style.

Manish Patel said...

Loved the furniture as soon as i saw it at the ideal home show,Mike and his team have different designs to the norm ,bought a dining set and sideboard,never been that impulsive.
cant wait to get the beautiful furniture.

Jymbob said...

Just make sure you don't confuse them with Lolcat home...

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