Monday, 22 September 2014

Modern Country Garden Tour

This Modern Country Garden, which belongs to Loi Thai of Tone On Tone Antiques over in America, is the kind of place in which you while away hours, gleaning inspiration and ideas for your own outdoor space. Let me take you on a tour....

petunias in urns & Annabelle hydrangeas

This is actually only a part of Loi Thai's garden. The other section is a rhapsody in blues; whilst this delicious haven is awash with glowing greens and whites.

Low yew hedges, boxwood balls and tumbling hydrangeas a-plenty ensure that this garden is thoroughly Modern Country.

Tucked in amongst these staples are a whole range of different textures. I'll be sharing more about my favourite foliage for Modern Country Vintage Flower Bouquets very soon but, in the meantime, feast your eyes on the extraordinary number of different greens and whites that there are collected in this space.

Asiatic Lilies
Lily of the Valley
Clematis Miss Bateman
Lambs' Ears
Variegated Lamium
This variety of shades is vital in a space limited to one or two colours, in order to break everything up a bit and add lots of visual interest. Here you can see the hydrangea Annabelle, lilies, aliums Senecio, Lamb's Ears, Phlox....

There is also masses of structural interest to kepp this garden looking gorgeous all year round. Pleached hornbeams create an anchor at each end of the enclosure.

Forty-eight...yes, forty-eight; this is no low-budget affair!.....topiary box balls have been planted in rows, in groups and in pairs to keep the Modern Country garden alive and kicking in the colder months.

This parterre lookalike, created using yet more box balls, encloses a stone birdbath. The space between the two showcases first narcissus and then, following on, these pretty aliums, poking up like icy lollipops.

Vintage gems are also key in giving Modern Country gardens the wow-factor all year round. This sun dial will stand tall when its surrouning adornments have died right back.

Although this is a large space (can you believe it's only part of the garden?!), Loi Thai has done a fantastic job of creating intimate nooks and walkways...

That, my lovelies, is Modern Country Gardening at its finest....

All images via Tone On Tone Antiques

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Lovely garden and very inspiring with all the white flowers.

Sarah Malone, European Farmhouse Charm said...

Loi's garden is beautiful! He has shared photos on his blog as well. I never tire of seeing such beautiful manicured spaces.

Ann said...

tHAT garden is really so beautiful and quite spacious too, perfect for some gathering or some alone time. Yep, I could spend hours alone in a garden. And I love a garden with a charming bench like that♥

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