Monday, 5 October 2015

A Modern Country Garden With Beautiful Bones!

It's at this time of year that my thoughts particularly turn to winter structure in the garden. It's my mantra I share when producing designs for my clients who want beautiful Modern Country Style gardens: 
always remember the bones of the garden!

You see, for much of the year, the bare bones of the garden will be all that's on show. Almost all the summer glamour will be gone, gone, gone and, if you don't plant with those colder months in mind, then what will you look at, my loves, when you're standing at the kitchen sink, gazing out, is bare twigs and tatty foliage. Doom and gloom will your companions.

However, just look at this beauty as an example by Mike Hammersmith, who does this so beautifully.

Much of the greenery here is evergreen and so will take the owners right the way through the year.

Wouldn't it look gorgeous at Christmas? Wanna see?!

Images via Mike Hammersmith

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Jam Jar Gill (from said...

What a beautiful property :) {}

Unknown said...

Well if you are the designer of these photos in the garden, I’m going to hire you. You did it so neatly!

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