Friday, 24 June 2016

The Future Of The UK And An AWESOME House Exterior Makeover!!

Today has been a day of extraordinary transformations in the UK, which has left many feeling uncertain in the light of unexpected changes, so I thought I'd write this post as a message of hope. This is not meant as an economic breakdown; just my personal thoughts on choosing to take a bright view, together, of the future. So, here goes...

Sometimes you've got a house (or, ahem, a country) that looks alright...

Some good period features. A well-painted facade. Pretty good condition....

I think we all agree that so much more could be done.

And so it is with the UK.

I adore our fantastic 'Get On With It' attitude but I am certain that with a good deal of hard work, a labour of love on behalf of our beautiful country, its inhabitants and visitors, together we can press on for a much better state of affairs.

Take a look at what's possible when you set your mind to it...

This Victorian terrace had fallen prey to many 'modern' ideas, that I'm sure seemed appropriate at the time but had left it looking dated and out of sorts. We're talking plastic double-glazing, removal of a bay window and a rendered frontage...

The house owners have looked at their neighbours (yes, I'm back on the EU allegory again) and seen what works for them, and made the very best of all the potential they had.

This process meant a lot of stripping back, an investment of money, and I bet there were times when they were sick of the sight of it... But just look at the house now!!! 


All the pain was worth it in the end to get to a better place.
It's gorgeous!
{And so are we!!}

Images via Hackett Holland

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Lydia said...

The world may have changed today- but it did not end. May the people of your nation share your great attitude. Best wishes on a successful transition- from a friend on the opposite side of the World. California.

Trudie said...

Well said xx

Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a superb renovation - the owners must be very happy with how it turned out. It just goes to show what is possible, given enough resources and a bottomless piggy bank.
Thank you for your optimism - Britain has been in trouble before and we are still here.

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