Monday, 9 October 2017

Book Review: One Pound Meals By Miguel Barclay

Today, I'm bringing you a book, Miguel Barclay's One Pound Meals, that I got out of the library and completely fell in love with.
So much so that I now have my own copy!

Miguel Barclay rose to fame through his Instagram account, showcasing his delicious one-person recipes that cost....wait for single pound!

Yes, each of these pictures of yumminess will cost you only a quid to put together. Obviously for our family, I need to double, double and double up again but LOOK!! Such goodness.

I'm such a sucker for gorgeous, home-cooked comfort food, and One Pouned Meals has them by the bucket-load. Let me give you a tiny taster of examples....

Inside-Out Vegetable Moussaka
Feta Tortellini Puttanesca
New York Meatball Sandwih
Gnocchi Al Forno
Leek and Bacon Gratin
Ham and Cheese Crepes

Please see the One-Poundness of the book as a hook, rather than a cheap-as-chips way to cook. These AREN'T meals that look or, for that matter, taste, cheap. They are are as delicious as they are homely.

Please, take a look at One Pound Meals and be taken into Miguel Barclay's beautiful, scrumptious (and economical!) world.....

Take Care Till Next Time,

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