Monday, 19 February 2018

Book Review: The Layered Garden

I'm on the hunt for seriously inspirational garden books to inspire me while we do the hard raft in our home. And when I find a corker, I love to share them with you... Have you heard of The Layered Garden by David L Culp? It's the book I'm sharing with you today and it's a cracker!! It's sub-title is Design Lessons For Year-Round Beauty From Brandyvine Cottage.

Book Review: The Layered Garden by David Culp

Don't we all want a garden which appears to be at its best through every month of the year, from 'the first the last branches, berries and bark of winter'? This is the essence of the thinking behind layering in your garden.

Book Review: The Layered Garden by David Culp

By carefully choosing the right plants for your space, David Culp argues that it is possible to draw out the very best from each space in your garden to produce layers of interest in each season.

Book Review: The Layered Garden by David Culp

And the thing I most love about The Layered Garden is that the author, along with his partner, have created the most fantastic garden, at their home, using these principles, which they share, along with mountains of generous details, on every page.

Book Review: The Layered Garden by David Culp

The 'Layered' of the title, not only applies to maximising interest at each time of year but also to making the very most of all heights in your garden. Take a look at this fantastic Before and After of their Ruin Garden and you'll see what I mean:

Book Review: The Layered Garden by David Culp

Book Review: The Layered Garden by David Culp

Isn't it incredible what they've achieved with such an uninspiring space?

The Layered Garden (published by Timber Press) is one of those very best kind of books that makes you want to devour every page, squeeze out every last drop of knowledge and then get cracking on your own!! 

Take Care Until Next Time,

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Lydia said...

I am so glad you discovered photographer Rob Cardillo. Any book with his photo credit is worth ordering.

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