Tuesday 13 November 2018

How To Create An Amazing Modern Country Front Garden With Zero Space

Okay, so you've seen the look you love and adore: a long winding path lined with lavender, leading up to a perfect, muted front door....but you have the smallest front garden in the world?

consider a country-inspired feminine palette of Farrow and Ball Pelt, Dulux Linnet, Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone, Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose. Full details on Modern Country Style blog: Modern Country Garden Combos: Lavender And Topiary

Consider a country-inspired feminine palette of Farrow and Ball Pelt, Dulux Linnet, Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone, Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose; lavenders look gorgeous on paintwork alongside plenty of green planting, a circular pond wrapped with low box hedging is set off with a ribbon of lavender plants; topiary balls in old pots

Now, front doors I can help you with but I can't, even using my most special Modern Country powers, magic up long winding paths if you have a tiny front garden or no front garden at all....

But, but, BUT what I can do is give you fantastic alternatives that will help give the impression of your dream look in a variety of guises. Let's take a leafy stroll through the Top Ten Ways To Get A Modern Country Front Garden With Zero Space....

How To Create A Modern Country Front Garden With Zero Space over on Modern Country Style

1) The humble window box. You only have to walk down a trendy London street to see how far window boxes have come on the Modern Country front. Gone are the twee fussy arrangements and in are crisp topiary, contemporary finishes and gorgeous symmetrical style. On the other end of the spectrum, it's perfectly possible to bring in a gentle touch of lavender here as demonstrated in exquisite style in the image above. 

The contrast of the aged terracotta pots, with the gently swaying lavender flowers alongside the smart black, geometric frame of the window box and the shaped topiary-like planting combines to create a perfect Modern Country exterior.

2) Wreaths aren't only for Christmas, you know. They can look completely scrummy, and introduce that perfect shot of lavender, all year round...

Lavender and Heather Wreath, Front Door Wreath

3) Be flexible with the actual planting. Here eryngium (sea holly) and eucalyptus is used in a beautiful wreath to give the same hint of lavender... (and I'm LOVING the Jim Lawrence door knocker!)

Amazing front door ideas over on Modern Country Style

4) Many houses have scope for pots by the walls and planting scaling their walls, even if they don't actually have official ownership of the space in front of their front door. Take a walk around many gorgeous streets in the Cotswolds to see this beautifully in action...

Simply pop in a couple of lavender-esque plants into pretty pots and place either side of your gorgeous front door for a quick and cheap way to get the look...

 How To Create A Modern Country Front Garden With Zero Space over on Modern Country Style

5) Now, the joy of lavender is that it can belong to all different kind of homes so when thinking about your pots, take care...as you can see from these images, the pots themselves creates a very definite feel, whether that's uber contemporary, super rustic or perfectly Modern Country: none of these looks are right or wrong but it's worth spending a little bit of time considering the overall direction that you want the front of your home to have and making sure all design touches are aiming the same way...

Tiny Front Garden? Look at these ideas on Modern Country Style

6) How's this for a beautiful idea: a little galvanised vase with a simple bouquet of lavender attached to your front door....just be careful if you're a door-slammer. ;-)

Gorgeous gardening ideas for no front garden on Modern Country Style

7) Of  course, many of you will be blessed with some outside space. Please don't be shy of making the very most of every square foot....

Small spaces, as has been said a million times here on Modern Country Style, can be absolutely the most satisfying to design. It's possible to pack a real punch, even with only a little plot so pick up your pencil and get planning!!

How To Create A Modern Country Front Garden With Zero Space over on Modern Country Style

8) Lavender is a fantastic companion plant, one of the very best for Modern Country gardens. Have a play! Don't be afraid of combining lavender with super-sleek topiary...

Ten Ideas To Create A Modern Country Front Garden With Zero Space over on Modern Country Style

9) ...or with country-loving roses:

Lavender and Roses round a front door: How To Create A Modern Country Front Garden With Zero Space over on Modern Country Style

10) And, last but not least, if green-fingered projects really aren't your thing, pick up your paintbrush and go lavender!

Image result for lavender front door

I hope, for those of you yearning for long paths lined with lavender, but without the square footage to match, that these ten ideas will fill you with enthusiasm and excitement for your space...and all its glorious potential!

Take Care Till Next Time,

Images via here

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