Monday, 7 October 2019

Perfect Painted Modern Country Exteriors....

Last post covered some general rules for helping you find the finest paint colours for your Cotswold Stone house. Today, I'm focusing further, for those of you who are still in a quandary, on my absolute favorites: soft putties and gentle greens and blues.

Perfect Painted Modern Country Front Doors

Take the example of the painted front doors below. Two very different homes: one a classic Cotswold Country getaway, which, to be honest, would take a bin-bag to make it look bad....but the other? Well, imagine that house without the painted brickwork and perhaps with a thick, sticky coat of old orange wood varnish and you'll see what magical wonders a coat of paint can bring...

Perfect Painted Modern Country Front Doors

Perfect Painted Modern Country Front Doors

The paints shown in this post form a perfect blend of muted tones, inspired by nature, which call to mind the relaxed feeling of the Cotswolds, no matter where in the world you live.

Perfect Painted Modern Country Front Doors

Perfect Painted Modern Country Front Doors

These colours work just as well when combined with painted render, or, indeed, the smart mellow yellow of London-stock bricks.

Perfect Painted Modern Country Front Doors

Perfect Painted Modern Country Front Doors

Gentle greys, soft putties and cheerful blue-greens will give you, your families and your visitors the warmest of welcomes.

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