Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Get The Look: Simplicity In Georgian Kitchens

Welcome back to this mini-series, where we are learning how to get the feel of a Georgian kitchen in our own homes. We'll be taking a closer look at four key elements in gorgeous Georgian kitchens: simplicity, proportion, symmetry and materials.

Get The Look: Simplicity In Georgian Kitchens

Now, when it comes to Georgian-style kitchens, perhaps the word simplicity is misleading, because I don't mean to imply any lack of quality. Indeed, the reason why the Georgians have left us such a rich heritage is exactly because of their fantastic building standards.

Get The Look: Simplicity In Georgian Kitchens

By simplicity, here, I mean a disdain of overly fussy, showy frippery and, instead, a careful eye for precisely chosen details: look for high quality hinges, dovetail joints and in-frame doors.

Get The Look: Simplicity In Georgian Kitchens

So, for example, take a look at any of these kitchen cupboards. There is no sign of ostentation, no flashy swirls or curlicues but yet the quality shines out, doesn't it? That's the feel you should be looking for if you want a Georgian-style kitchen.

Get The Look: Simplicity In Georgian Kitchens

And the same is true for any accessories in you kitchen. Don't be tempted to compromise on quality or clutter. Remember this: buy once and buy well.

Get The Look: Simplicity In Georgian Kitchens

Happily, this needn't mean spending vast amounts of money on each piece. Some carefully chosen vintage pots, a station clock and as little as possible on your work surfaces will carry a Georgian kitchen a long way.

Image result for georgian kitchen

This is a classic case of less is more; choose your 'less' with thought and you'll be well on your way to your own Georgian kitchen!

Take Care Until Next Time,
Sarah x

Images via Elle Decoration, Charlie Kingham, Etons of Bath, unknown, Ribble Reclamation, Artichoke

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