Thursday, 2 September 2010

Modern Country Style loves Country Homes and Interiors

Let's take a short pause from my kitchen saga to ask a very important question: have you bought this month's Country Homes and Interiors yet? What do you mean no????

Oh my goodness, have they prepared a corker for you this month! Almost every page sparkles with Modern Country Style. Let me take you on a quick walk-through to whet your appetite.

What do you look for in a magazine? Inspiring featured houses? Oh boy, are you in for a treat! ALL the houses in this month's edition are absolutely cracking, including one that I highlighted here in a Blog Love post. *swelling with pride* It's Helen's lovely holiday cottage from over at The Busy Bee Studio.

Are those Jan Constantine over-gloves I spy, Helen? I do believe they are! How gorgeous!

Here are a couple more shots from different homes. Aren't they perfect?

Can you see the bed tucked away behind the curtains? So cosy.

Don't you love the rocking horse? Wouldn't you love to work at that desk?

And to eat at that table?

The muted colours, the wonderful mix of genuine vintage finds and carefully selected new pieces. Couldn't you stare at them all day?

There's a very fine line between staring and stalking. A very fine line indeed. ;-)

In the business section, which is always one of my favourites (although this month, all sections are scoring pretty highly!), Country Homes and Interiors announced the winner of their Country Business competition, as well as lots of the runners up. I love hearing about these kind of 'living the dream' businesses. I like the behind-the-scenes information about the way of life involved and how the decisions are made.

Look! Her very own ice-cream van? How cool (hee hee, no pun intended) would that be!!?

And the craft, oh the craft! I'm looking forward to making them all! Look at those A and Z book ends? The book cover? The bookmark? I am in homemade heaven.

See? Am I right or am I right? Gorgeous, no?

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Thank you for your sweet comment on my bedroom.<3

It's not a camera effect, but I used an effect in the program " Picnic". Great program you can use for FREE ( I have the Premium, so I have a few more effects that I can use, but not a must )
Here is the link:
I used the Orton-ish effect under "Create" on my bedroom photos. But just a little bit.

Good luck! :)


Helen said...

Thanks fo the mention Sarah . . . you are gorgeous!!

paola said...

Hi! Do you know that Country Homes and interiors is absolutely my favourite magazine? Here in Italy it arrives always late, sometimes at the end of the month, so for now I'm enjoying looking at these gorgeous pics in your post..
Hugs paola

Tricia said...

Looks like a great addition. I love things about people living their dream too :)

The Cloth Shed said...

Great magazine this month, love Helen's cottage in Whitby too...
Julie x

Anonymous said...

It looks great! thanks for the sneak preview. I laughed out loud when I read "there is a fine line between staring and stalking" :-).
I got one too (works for me anyways) "a fine line between staring and buying". These gorgeous magazines tend to persuade me into buying all kinds of crap I don't need nor have enough space for . greetz Marjo

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