Friday, 6 January 2012

Kate Middleton returns...

And do you remember what else happened in 2011?

Only the wedding of the century....

Kate Middleton.

Love the way she dresses.
So Modern Country.

Here at Modern Country Style, we had a gooood, loooong look at

{remember: detailed, dignified and delightful?}

And, last but by no means least, who could forget this photo?
The best of the lot, I think....

A builder, caught ogling our future queen's boot-ay.

And who can blame him?

Images via: Rex, ShowbizSpy, Rex, ProInvestasi,  ContactMusic,
Momapop, Alex Davidson, Rex, BBC, BBC, TheHollywoodGossip

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ANNE said...

I adore her style - elegant but fun, too. She is perfection!!!

bj said...

OMLORDY....isn't she the most beautiful thing !!!!!
I loved looking at these photos of her...thanks for letting us.
And, like you, my favorite is the oggling photo. hahhhaaaa....ya gotta love it.
(wonder if he got in trouble with his wife?)

Duni said...

Hi Sarah!

Kate looks great in almost everything!! Lucky girl :)
Is that ogling pic photoshopped??!! Too funny!

have a fab weekend, cheers,

Cassie Bustamante said...

yeah, i pretty much have a major big girl crush on her- she is stunning and classic!

Meine Dinge Franka said...

Very lovely country style!

Love it!

♥ Franka

Sherry said...

Kate has an inner sense of self, of confidence and of style. It all comes together and creates the impression of someone easy going and sure of what she's doing. She may not always feel that way, but she manages to make us believe it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah Sarah!

Kate is a "fashionista" as we call it in the states. She can pull off any style but think I prefer her casual. Love the skinny jeans and riding boots. My favorite look right now! I wonder what fashions will become big in 2012?

Have a wonderful weekend! ~Shelle x

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Oh I do love Kate! She is just so beautiful and has such fabulous style! :) Thanks for sharing, Miss Sarah! :) Happy weekend to you, my dear!!!


michele said...

she is stunning in anything you put on her, but i love that she does her own styling and has that keen eye!



Unknown said...

Ahh, that grey evening dress really is perfect!

And I tell you what my lovely, you and the Countess have finally persuaded me that skinny jeans tucked into boots are quite flattering with the right top! hugs xx

Erin S. said...

That's what I'm talking about--I thought you'd left something important out :). I feel better now. And I love Kate watching, too. Xoxo Erin

Blondie's Journal said...

I could look at her pictures all day!! I love everything about the way she looks and dresses! Thanks, Sarah!


annie@mostlovelythings said...

Adore her style...every time!

I saw your blog and loved the name and had to come check it out! Happy I did!


Sarah said...

She is the bomb!! I LOVE her style!! ;-)) have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Love the way she dresses. Simple but still creative must find a furry hat and another pair of tall boots :-). It is so flipping cold hear right now.

The Moerks said...

She is gorgeous, go Kate. You are just what the monarchy needs.

Lori said...

Her size 0 sure does help pull off all those outfits! She is beautiful.

Unknown said...

She's sooooo chic!
Hugs from Rome.
Laura@RicevereconStile said...

I love Kate Middleton too and her wardrobe too, very Modern Country I would say :)

Unknown said...

Hey lovely lady, Happy 2012 to you!!

Kate is gorgeous and really, if she wore a binbag, she'd still be stunning! I love her style though and agree, I prefer her casual look (jeans & boots, yes please)!

When you going to bring back your Modern Country fashion modeled by your own cute self? Show us how it's done, kid! ;) xxx

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Bahaha! I have never seen the builder oogling at her bum picture! Totally made my Sunday! :)


I loved your Kate series, so much, Sarah. She (like you) are so lovely and know how to dress. I am learning.


Kalinka said...

I love her casual, timeless style! She's my fashion icon!

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

lol! that last image cracks me up!!! xox

Anonymous said...

She is just so stunning! I love her hair, it's so thick and luscious and everything she wears just seems to be so stylish and perfectly tailored as if it's made for her (probably is!)

I do like spending time looking at pictures of the Royals! - Especially Kate!

Lizzy x

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