Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Modern Country Cottage Tour

 This cottage is not only a great example of a Modern Country Flow-Through Dining Room but also of a wonderfully unified home. 

I've featured the dining area before but...woohoooo....have recently managed to track down the rest of the house for you. 

The three-bedroom cottage was a rather run-down fisherman's cottage when it was bought but has been converted into this beautiful Modern Country Home.

It is located in Scotland, near Angus (thanks, Dee!), and there are subtle nods to the Celtic location, including these highly original antler candelabras. 

The downstairs is entirely open-plan (bar the shower room, mercifully!) but has been thoughtfully set out to create different zones: living, dining and cooking.

The decor has been designed with the cottage's seaside location in mind.

Soft sandy tones, coupled with faded blues and weathered wood create a sophisticated look which is an eternity away from twee coastal knick-knacks.

It's this carefully limited colour palette which creates the feeling of harmony throughout. 

There are no jarring changes but softly flowing inter-related areas which gently draw the eye onwards.

The cottage is a great example of how new additions can add character; namely the wide oak floorboards, limestone tiles and cream Aga. 

Although they have all been recently added, there is no question that they add enormously to the cottages quirky charms.

Upstairs, the owner has removed the wall between the master bedroom and the bathroom to create a stunning en-suite. 

The bath is the Brunel model from Aston Matthews. Isn't she a stunner!

The cottage is a real winner in my book....the owner has pulled together old and new to create a really stunning home....and it's available to rent...tempted?!

All images: Pat Renson 

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ANNE said...

Such a fabulous home! I adore that dining room!!!

Unknown said...

Just saw those cups at a store and boy and I ever regretting it still C:

Highpoint Circle said...

Thanks for this post! I just adore this place and have pinned it! Love your style.


Who wouldn't love this kind of quirky charm. Stunning. The blue door is my favorite.

Thanks, sweet Sarah.


Shelly Wildman said...

Oh, those floors! My dream. Ahhhh.

Heaven's Walk said...

I'd be happy to live in the garage --- with a view like that out my window!!!!! Wow! :)

xoxo laurie

Deborah Bone said...

What a lovely place, well found. I would like to copy the colour schema any idea of what the paint colours are or which Farrow and Ball paints could be used?
Thank you Sarah


Dee said...

I went to view this house when I was house hunting. It is absolutely gorgeous. It was an interior designer who owned it.
I bought another cottage but have used the colour scheme and ideas though!!
Just like to say the cottage is in the county of Angus not Fife. It is approx 25 miles north of Dundee by Arbroath.

PamLuvsPink said...


This cottage is so cozy and beautiful at the same time. You couldn't get a better location!!!

Right by the water!!!!! I would live there in a heartbeat!!!!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Deborah,

It's hard to tell paint colours from photos as they've often been individually processed. If you look at the different photos of the different areas, they appear very different colours.

However, a good starting place would probably be Pavillion Gray or Cornforth White for the Kitchen and Dining areas and Lime White for the Living Space - both by Farrow and Ball.

Hope that helps!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Dee, you lucky thing!

Thanks for the extra info - I will change the post right now!


Calypso In The Country said...

Beautiful - and I am in love with that checked chair!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

i love the color palette while soft and subtle you can't deny that part of the serenity is NO CLUTTER.
Having just realized in the last year or so...that I am surrounded with COLOR and therefore must love color... I am more and more surrounded with clutter...and I DON'T LOVE THAT!

This cottage appeals to the neat-nic inside!

glad you shared it with us!

Lydia said...

Absolutely wonderful design- but the best note of the design is that it allows for dogs. You Brits are wonderful about how you include pets.

Cindy said...

If I lived near there or had the money to travel then yes! I would definitely be tempted.
That's a wonderful example of how an open floor plan can work and a great example of modern country.
Have a good day!

Le said...

just a delight ! and I love Scotland and the location too - I'll be right over :) Le xox

susan said...

I have seen some of these pics in a magazine before. I could pack my bag and move right in. Love it!

Louise said...

I love this look, but it really does get bland when it goes whiter and whiter, here in Sweden everyone wants their homes looking like an overexposed photo. "fresh" meaning a place where every surface is unmixed white. It is not that i hate modernism, just that when it is everywhere... So a word of caution on the white/brown, keep the brown and make sure the white is not starch white.

Jane said...

Where can I get one of those blue check chairs? Perfect!

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Nelson said...

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