Thursday, 28 February 2013

Creating Flow-Through: Flooring

Let me share a peek into this gorgeous home. Having the same beautiful flooring throughout several rooms is a fantastic way to unify any space and create that Modern Country Flow-Through vibe.

But I bet when I said the words 'beautiful flooring', your heart sank. Beautiful = Expensive in the flooring world, right? Well, just look at these floors....

They'd be in my gorgeous-category hands-down.....and didn't cost the earth either.....both literally and figuratively.

What am I on about?

Come over to the Relics blog and see the rest of this gorgeous home plus a detailed How-To on what YOU can do to get this lovely Scandi-Chic look in your home.

{Top Tip: it's easy-peasy}

All images: mine

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Unknown said...

They are stunning! We have a 1950's house and keeping all the flooring the same has been crucial to making the house look open.

Stephanie said...

This is beautiful! We luckily have beautiful wood floors throughout our entire house, but our walls are dark right now. I've been fighting the urge to go through the house and paint everything a creamy white! : )

Cindy said...

Those are really gorgeous floors!


I love the flow with all the same flooring. We have wood floors throughout our apartment.


Unknown said...

These are really very beautiful pics of gorgeous floors.

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