Friday, 21 June 2013

Kate Middleton's Maternity Fashion

I thought it was about time we saw how Kate Middleton is getting on with being pregnant. Let's take a time-travel trip to see how stylish Kate has been dressing to impress.

And more to the point, how she's finding maternity fashion.

Just how does a princess dress for pregnancy these days?

With Kate Middleton's usual flair and grace, that's how.


Not for this princess is the bare-it-all look. Kate Middleton's pregnancy style is modest and reserved....

but not at the expense of looking feminine and gorgeous.
I love that.

Tailored and chic.
Fitted and lovely.

From the earliest signs of a tinsy bump to full-on maternity style, Kate Middleton does Modern Country Fashion like the future Queen she is.

Images via zimilar, US Magazine, NY Daily News, Glamour,  The Stylist, Huffington Post, Just Jared 

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ANNE said...

I love Kate! She always looks elegant and poised. She will make a fabulous Queen.

Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

She always looks so elegant and immaculate, I love her! x

Almost Precious said...

Kate has a wonderful sense of style, she may not have the royal title of princess, but she is always a princess in my book. :)

Lorrie said...

Her sense of style is great - not too revealing, but chic and well-fitted. She looks great in her maternity clothes.

Casa Très Chic said...

She is very elegant and knows exactly how to impress, with a charming simplicity.
Have a nice weekend.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

She is stunning...with so much grace and style..she just shines!!

Cindy said...

She has grown even more beautiful with pregnancy, hasn't she. I love the style of dresses that she wears, I wish women today would try to replicate her look. She always looks like a lady.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love the blue dress she wears in the fifth picture.

Lovemere said...

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